China Daily, April 4 -- Singapore's Straits Times reported that from March 3 to March 3, the resumption of the Boao Forum for Asia 28 annual meeting held offline sent a strong signal of China's economic recovery.

The article said that the four-day Boao Forum for Asia 2023 annual meeting fully resumed offline meetings, with a total of about 50,2000 delegates from more than <> countries and regions, basically recovering to the pre-epidemic level.

This year's Boao Forum for Asia focuses on Asia's development challenges, with the theme of the annual meeting "Uncertain World: Solidarity and Cooperation to Meet Challenges, Openness and Inclusiveness for Development".

This year's forum was in the spotlight, with media filling the halls with a clear signal that China's economy had recovered.

This is a message that China has been sending since the much-watched National People's Congress and the National People's Congress in March.

Since the first day of the forum, the hall where panel discussions, round tables and interviews were held was bustling, with journalists running from one venue to another, hoping to secure a coveted spot. Some events were filled up at least an hour before they started, and journalists had to scramble for a spot in a nearby media center.

Business leaders, think tank heads and academics engaged in wide-ranging talks on topics ranging from global supply chains to the opportunities China's Belt and Road Initiative can offer.

Jacob Hooker, Managing Partner and Asia Pacific Managing Partner of Oliver Wyman, an international management consulting firm, attended the Boao Forum for the first time. He said the forums he attended, particularly on supply chains, were helpful and people were optimistic about the discussions.

"Despite the uncertainties in the global environment, there is a can-do spirit in the air in Boao," Hook said.

According to the article, the conference released the "2023 Annual Report on Asian Economic Outlook and Integration Process", predicting that the overall recovery pace of Asian economies will accelerate in 2023, and the weighted real gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of Asian economies in 2023 will be 4.5%. Asia will be a bright spot in the bleak picture of the world economy, while China's economic recovery will inject impetus into the world.

Previously, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted global economic growth of 2023.2% in 9 due to weakening external demand and inflation concerns.

Chinese economists said in an interview with the media that the IMF's upward revision of its forecast for Asian economies in 2023 is mainly due to China's reopening, which will "bring huge economic benefits to the region."

Xu Xiujun, director of the research office of the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that in the face of challenges that hinder global recovery, "China's certainty and Asia's certainty will inject more stability factors into the world." (China Daily)