Aurélien Fleurot 09h09, 02 April 2023

The price of used cars is finally stabilizing. A first after two years of increase. Less constrained by semiconductor shortages and plant closures related to the health crisis, the market is breathing again even if the time is not yet quite down prices.

The price of used cars is finally stabilizing. A first after two years of increase. The time is not yet ripe for price reductions, but at least this stabilization, especially on recent vehicles, is positive and can be explained by the beginning of a return to normal in the automotive market.

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This is explained by Julien Billion, CEO of AAA Data, the data specialist in the sector. "There are more vehicles available, less tension between supply and demand, which favors a slowdown in the increase that has been violent over the last 24 months: between 22% and 50% depending on the age of the vehicles."

The limit of the French reached

And this general decline is also explained because the limit of what the French are willing to pay for a used car seems to have been reached. This is noted by the site Le Bon Coin, leader in the market of sales between individuals. And this is confirmed by Emmanuel Labi, president of Autobiz.

"Because of the very high inflation on used vehicles, we may have reached an inflection point where prices are so high that consumers can no longer keep up. Or at least, cannot keep up with an even stronger increase," he said.

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And the figures of registrations on the rise since the beginning of 2023 - more than 24% in March - may even give hope for a slight drop in prices in the coming months.