In Iran, an arrest warrant issued for two unveiled women assaulted by a man

Excerpt from the video showing a man with a yogurt pot assaulting two young unveiled women, in Macchad, March 30, 2023. © Twitter

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The man is also wanted for the assault.


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With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

In the video posted on social media, a young man is seen emptying a one-kilogram yogurt pot onto the heads of unveiled women in a shop in a tourist area of Mashhad.

HORRIFIED by the absence of a mandatory veil on the head of this young woman inside a store in Mashhad (northeastern #Iran) Thursday, March 30, this customer spilled a pot of yogurt on the skull of the refractory and on that of his mother, resulting in his expulsion from the premises

— Armin Arefi (@arminarefi) April 1, 2023

Many Internet users reacted to denounce this act. The local justice has issued an arrest warrant against the man for assault but also against the two women for non-respect of the Islamic veil. This, again, provoked many reactions on social networks.

In the past two weeks, since the Iranian New Year, numerous videos have been posted on social media showing unveiled Iranian women dancing in public in different cities across the country. This provoked a reaction from Conservative circles who called on the government to take action. Dozens of restaurants have been closed across the country for welcoming women without veils.

These measures come after several months of protest after the death of the young Mahsa Amini arrested last September by the morality police for non-respect of the Islamic veil. Several hundred people were killed in the protests.

Several MPs have announced in recent days that Parliament will pass a new law to ensure that women respect the Islamic veil.

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