(Economic Observation) Xiong'an New Area: Where is the construction of the "city of the future"?

Beijing, 4 Apr (ZXS) -- From a "blank piece of paper" six years ago to a modern urban framework gradually taking shape, Xiong'an New Area is gradually turning from a blueprint into a reality. What is the quality of this "city of the future" oriented to high-quality development?

Recently, the reporter visited the Xiong'an Innovation Research Institute Science and Technology Park under construction. The project is located in the start-up area of Xiong'an New Area, jointly built by Hebei Province and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a total construction area of 172204 square meters, and will become an important base for multidisciplinary cross-integration, key core technology breakthroughs and the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At present, the project is in the stage of exterior curtain wall construction, decoration construction and mechanical and electrical installation. The picture shows the full picture of the aerial photography science and technology park. Photo by Jia Tianyong

First, high starting point planning.

Xiong'an New Area is positioned as a national model for promoting high-quality development and a new engine for building a modern economic system. In order to achieve this goal, China has paid attention to absorbing and learning from the most advanced international concepts from the beginning, and has done a good job in high-quality planning and guidance.

In the process of compiling the planning system of Xiong'an New Area, more than 60 academicians, more than 200 teams at home and abroad, and more than 3500,4 experts and technicians participated in the preparation of the overall plan of Xiong'an New Area, the control plan of the start-up area, the detailed planning of the start-up area, the ecological environment governance and protection plan of Baiyangdian and more than 20 special plans, and built a "1+N" planning system. Before the full plan, Xiong'an New Area had not touched a single brick for two years.

Analysts believe that doing the preliminary work thoroughly and treating every inch of land with the most appropriate planning and design is a responsible embodiment of this "millennium plan".

"Planning science is the greatest benefit", Jia Ruoxiang, director of the Comprehensive Research Office of the Institute of Land Development and Regional Economy of China's National Development and Reform Commission, said in an interview with China News Agency, adding that the planning and preparation of Xiong'an New Area is an urban planning preparation with the largest number of institutions, the widest range of fields involved, and the largest concentration of talents since the founding of New China. The planning of a high starting point has laid a solid foundation for "Xiong'an quality".

Second, high-standard construction.

As another new area of national significance after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area, Xiong'an New Area carries the expectation of creating a new model of national new area and urban development. It is precisely for this reason that in Xiong'an New Area, high-standard "excellence" can be seen everywhere.

For example, in the official "Xiong'an New Area Highway Engineering Standard System", 67 Xiong'an standards are higher than the national standards; For the first time, Jingde Expressway used new long-life pavement materials mainly based on rubber powder modified asphalt on a large scale, realizing "no minor repair in 15 years and no major repair in 20 years"; 5G base stations have achieved deep coverage; More than 500 kilometers of all-digital roads have been built, and more than 100 million sensing terminals of various types have been deployed.

In addition to infrastructure "hardware", "software" such as business environment also fully reflects the high standards of construction of Xiong'an New Area. Build an online "one-window" enterprise start-up platform to realize the one-day completion of the whole process; Launch of the pilot business of qualified foreign limited partners; Promote the pilot pilot of full coverage of the reform of "separation of licenses and licenses" in the pilot free trade zone... Over the past six years, Xiong'an New Area has taken opening up as the only way for high-quality development, continued to deepen institutional innovation, and strived to build a new highland of open economy with higher level, wider fields and stronger radiation.

Jia Ruoxiang said that during the construction process, Xiong'an New Area firmly grasped the core function of easing Beijing's non-capital function centralized bearing area, and empowered its own high-quality development by focusing on Beijing's non-capital functions, actively developing high-end high-tech industries, and forming a trend of coordinated development with Beijing.

He said that the high-standard promotion of the construction of water and gas networks and urban styles has provided important support for promoting the high-quality development of Xiong'an New Area, and this experience can also be used as a reference for other cities.

Third, high quality of life.

"Xiong'an quality" is not only reflected in high-starting point planning and high-standard construction, but also in the concept of urban governance.

From government services to "nearby, self-service, and online", the people's livelihood business of pension, work injury, and unemployment insurance has been integrated and handled online; Build a three-level community governance system in Rongdong Area and build a community governance platform of "co-construction, co-governance and sharing"... In Xiong'an New Area, the high-quality public service system is continuously improving.

Green is the background color of the governance concept of Xiong'an New Area. At the beginning of the establishment of Xiong'an New Area, Baiyangdian garbage surrounded the lake and sewage flowed, and the water quality was seriously polluted inferior V. After the largest systematic ecological treatment in history, the water quality of Dian District has been steadily improved to Class III., ranking among the good lakes in China.

Analysts believe that the concept of taking the people as the center and starting from the needs of the citizens has been fully manifested in the construction of Xiong'an New Area. Today, Xiong'an New Area is committed to achieving density, green and low-carbon, returning to basics, providing a livable environment and high-quality public services, effectively attracting Beijing's population and functional evacuation, and becoming a livable place with high quality of life. (End)