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This Friday was the last day to apply for the fuel check of 100 euros. The balance sheet seems rather meagre. In three months, of the 10 million potential beneficiaries, only four million actually applied for and received their cheque.

In order to limit the effects of rising fuel costs and preserve the purchasing power of the French, the government had decided, last January, to set up a specific aid of 100 euros, subject to means-testing, for people who have a professional activity using their vehicle to work or go to work.

A vehicle that can be two, three or four wheels, thermal or electric. The French had until March 31 to apply.

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Four million beneficiaries

At the time of reckoning, Bercy believes that this aid has found its audience. Yet, the department had initially suggested that there would be 10 million beneficiaries and only four million benefited.

The figures by department also show that not all eligible households have used it. In Paris and the departments of the Paris region, less than one eligible household in four actually applied for the fuel voucher. Even if they own a vehicle, the households concerned do not use it to get to work. With four million beneficiaries instead of ten, the state has made savings. Of the billion euros planned, less than 500 million will have been spent.