Margaux Fodéré 09:00, 01 April 2023

The unemployment benefit is increased by 1.9%, or 19 euros more per month on average, from this Saturday, April 1st. An exceptional measure decided by the social partners to deal with inflation. The last one, 2.9%, was decided in the summer of 2022, as every year.

It's Saturday, April 1. Today several revaluations come into force: the RSA, family allowances, but also unemployment benefit: +1.9%. The last revaluation dates back to 2.9% last summer. This boost is still suspended to the validation of a decree by the Council of State.

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This is an exceptional measure decided by the social partners in the face of inflation. Each organization made a proposal, higher or lower. For example, the CGT has proposed a revaluation of 6%.

Two upgrades in 2023

Finally, a revaluation of 1.9% was retained, i.e. 19 euros more per month on average. Only the CGT refused to sign the agreement. This year there will be 2 revaluations of unemployment benefit, according to the boss of the MEDEF, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux. The next one, as every year, will take place in July.

For Denis Gravouil, in charge of the file at the CGT, it will be necessary to go even further.

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Review the minimum allowance

"We have a demand that we have managed to carry and that the other trade unions support, it is that there be a real minimum allowance. Officially there is a minimum allowance of about 30 euros. Except that people who are part-time for example, they do not have 30 euros a day. It is essential that the allowance starts with this real minimum allowance below which we cannot go down."

In the third quarter of 2022, the amount of the net monthly allowance was 1,006 euros on average, according to Unédic