Zhongxin Wanghai, April 4 (Reporter Chen Jing) The development of science and technology and related applications is rapidly changing the future of mankind, and the emerging new generation of general AI technology has focused the world's attention on scientific and technological innovation. The reporter learned on the 1st that the second session of the "Yangtze River Delta Gathering Strength Science and Technology Innovation Competition" was launched, gathering multiple resources to find and tap China's new generation of information technology forces.

It is reported that the Yangtze River Delta Jujin Science and Technology Innovation Competition practices "education by competition, training by competition", and more than 40 teams participating in the new generation of information technology track deeply link multiple potential energy such as scientific research, industry, investment and financing, and parks. A total of 156 projects were shortlisted in the preliminary round of this year's Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Innovation Competition, of which 25% were projects in the new generation of information technology, covering AI, big data, Internet of Things, metaverse, cloud computing and other subdivisions. More than 50% of the project participants have the title of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises or high-tech enterprises, more than half of the enterprises account for more than 50% of the R&D personnel, and about 20% of the enterprises have pre-A round of financing.

Cen Yu, founding director of the School of Management of Fudan University, said in an interview with reporters on the same day that the founders of the participating teams in the initial stage need to master the core R&D technical capabilities, and as the company develops and grows, it is more necessary to learn the ability to integrate and link resources. Cen Yu said that the school has built a scientific research, investment and financing and empowerment ecosystem, and has a business management and talent training system that accompanies the growth of entrepreneurs at different stages of the development of science and technology enterprises, so as to help technology leaders become excellent entrepreneurs. As the co-organizer of this competition, Caohejing Development Zone has given birth to a large number of high-quality new generation information technology start-ups, and Li Ting, a representative of the development zone, said that it will open its full-link empowerment system to the participating teams.

Before the official start of the competition, Sun Jinyun of the School of Management of Fudan University, Zhao Xing of the Institute of Big Data of Fudan University and other professors and enterprise representatives discussed how to embrace the current wave of scientific and technological innovation from the dimensions of production, learning and research. A collision of ideas opened up the ideas of the participating teams and led them to face the most cutting-edge industry trends and industrial changes. Sun Jinyun believes: "Scientific and technological innovation is an important engine of human progress, commercial civilization is another engine, only when these two driving forces are complete, the development of scientific and technological enterprises can be stable and far-reaching." The project leader of "A New Generation of Identity Security Services Based on Guomi Information Innovation" said: "In the process of scientific and technological development, it is inevitable to include the evolution of cognition, and scientific and technological innovation companies that are good at transforming technological achievements into productivity and bringing them to the market will receive more and more recognition and support." ”

Luo Yan, one of the judges of the competition, said that she was deeply impressed by the competition, and many projects made breakthroughs in technology or business model innovation, exceeding expectations. She pointed out that she is very pleased that many of the participating projects have applied cutting-edge technological achievements. Zhang Xiaolong, a judge and investor, said in an interview: "This is a competition that attaches great importance to data and can use IT to promote technological change, and I am very impressed that the selection system fully takes into account multiple interference factors and integrates into an objective and fair selection system." He expects distinctive projects to seize market opportunities.

During the interview, the reporter learned that the Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Innovation Competition is an important part of the science and technology innovation empowerment ecosystem of Fudan Management Institute, and through the "four-in-one" ecological empowerment means of talent empowerment, management empowerment, capital empowerment and industrial empowerment, it has built an event display platform for advanced scientific and technological innovation technologies and business models. Next, the Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Innovation Competition will go out of Shanghai and enter the Yangtze River Delta city circle, leading science and technology innovation teams from the Yangtze River Delta and all over the country to embrace the advantageous resources of various regions, and expand the Fudan Institute of Management Science and Technology Innovation Empowerment Ecosystem to all parts of China. (End)