Haikou, April 4 (Zhongxin Net) (Kangmingle Yang Gang) In order to support the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and further improve the shopping experience of outlying island tourists, since April 1, Hainan outlying island tourists duty-free shopping in 4 on the basis of the new "mail delivery" and "return to the island pick-up" pickup modes, and there are two pick-up methods of "guaranteed pick-up" and "immediate purchase and pick-up" to choose from.

According to the previous announcements issued by the General Administration of Customs, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, from April 4, when purchasing duty-free goods at Hainan Outlying Islands duty-free shops with valid identity documents or travel documents and outlying island information, in addition to picking up the goods in designated areas at airports, railway stations and wharves and choosing to pick up by mail or return to the island by island residents, choose the "guarantee and pick-up" method for duty-free goods with a unit price of more than 1,5 yuan (inclusive), and the unit price does not exceed 2,<> yuan (not included) And the goods in the policy list shall be picked up by "buy and pick" according to the requirements of the limited quantity of each type per person.

Ms. Wang, who shops at Haikou International Duty Free City, said: "The sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. that are necessary in Hainan can be taken away and used immediately, which is very convenient. ”

According to the announcement, the duty-free goods on the outlying islands that are picked up in the "buy and pick" method mainly include cosmetics, perfumes, bags, infant milk powder and other 15 types of goods commonly used by passengers during their stay in Qiongqiong, and the number of "buy and pick" on a single outlying island is 1-5 pieces respectively. In addition, for outlying island passengers who purchase duty-free goods with a unit price of more than 5,10 yuan (inclusive) each time before leaving the island, they can choose the "guarantee and pick-up" method to pick up the goods. For example, a watch worth <>,<> yuan, in the past, can only choose to pick up at the pickup point, return to the island to pick up or mail delivery, now, after paying the shopping payment, after paying the customs equivalent to the import tax of the imported goods, you can pick up the goods on the spot and carry it yourself, according to the itinerary of the outlying islands, you can carry out physical verification at the airport, railway station, port terminal "guarantee and pickup" inspection point, and the verification can complete the refund procedures of the guarantee.

Some travelers said that they could not take away the expensive goods they bought in the past, and there would be concerns, and after "guaranteeing and withdrawing", they would provide consumers with more diversified and convenient choices.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the new pick-up method, Haikou Customs has upgraded the duty-free supervision system of outlying islands in accordance with the policy content. Guo Jianmeng, deputy director of the Haikou Customs Port Supervision Department, said that in order to fully meet the needs of "guarantee and pick-up" passengers for physical verification, the customs has set up 7 physical verification points at Hainan airplane, train and ship outlying island ports, which can quickly obtain commodity information and passenger shopping information, and efficiently handle physical verification business for passengers. At the same time, the deposit processing procedure is optimized, and the customs and bank customs tax deposit accounts can be linked with each other, and the passenger pays the guarantee directly to the customs account, ensuring that the receipt and refund of the guarantee money is safe and efficient.

According to Haikou Customs statistics, in the first two months of this year, the customs supervised 2.123 billion yuan of duty-free shopping on outlying islands, and the number of shoppers was 3.158 million. Customs reminds that duty-free goods purchased using the two delivery methods of "guarantee and pick-up" and "immediate purchase and pick-up" are final goods for consumers' personal use, and should be carried on the islands at one time and cannot be re-sold. (End)