On April 4, the start of the new fiscal year, a ceremony was held at a major distribution group, and approximately 1,3500 new employees renewed their determination.

AEON, a major distribution company, usually holds a joint induction ceremony for the group on April 4, and this year about 1,3500 new employees gathered at seven venues nationwide and connected via broadcast.

Approximately 7,1100 people gathered at the venue in Chiba City, where the Group's headquarters are located, and Chairman Motoya Okada greeted them, saying, "I would like you to anticipate changes and strive to deliver more convenient and comfortable lives to our customers."

After this, a place was set up for new employees to ask questions to the president, and when asked how to perceive the needs of customers, President Akio Yoshida replied, "It is important to go and get a lot of information yourself and anticipate the behavior of customers."

According to the company, due to the spread of the new corona infection, we did not hold a joint entrance ceremony three years ago and held it online, but this year it was held face-to-face as last year.

However, regarding masks, based on current internal rules, new employees were also required to wear them.

One of the new employees said, "It's humbling, I've been job hunting online so I'm glad to have the opportunity to get together in such a big way. I want to become a member of society who is not afraid of challenges and thinks and acts with his own head."