(Economic Watch) China's five major banks announced their performance lists in response to hot spots such as the impact of risks in the banking industry in Europe and the United States

Beijing, March 3 (ZXS) -- The 31 report cards of China's five major state-owned banks have been announced. According to the 2022 performance reports of ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and Bank of Communications, the total profit is 2022.12629 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), if calculated according to 32 days a year, the five major banks are equivalent to a daily profit of 365.34 billion yuan.

As of the afternoon of the 31st, the results conference of the five major banks was held successively, and the latest responses were given on hot issues involving prepayment, real estate market, European and American banking risks, etc.

Zhang Xuguang, deputy governor of the Agricultural Bank of China, said that since May last year, there has been early repayment of personal mortgage loans in the industry, and the situation of the Agricultural Bank of China is basically similar to that of the industry. For the reasons, he analyzed that it may be related to the individual's requirements for their own financial planning, related to the decline of the financial investment center last year, and also related to the inversion of the interest rate of existing real estate loans and the interest rate of new loans.

Cheng Yuanguo, chief risk officer of China Construction Bank, said that the scale of repayment increased last year, and China Construction Bank formulated special service plans and processes to coordinate various online and offline channels to stabilize repayment expectations. "CCB reminds customers one by one to guard against legal, financial, credit and other risks that loan intermediaries may face in organizing re-lending, and meet the needs of early repayment in an orderly manner."

Wang Jingwu, deputy governor of ICBC, said that from January to February this year, ICBC's mortgage loans were repaid 1.2 billion yuan, although an increase of 979 billion yuan year-on-year, but the year-on-year growth rate has declined, and mortgage loans have maintained positive growth, affecting the overall controllability.

In this regard, Bank of China Governor Liu Jin said: "The governors of Bank of China and large financial institutions like me are more concerned about the healthy development of China's real estate than you, and more concerned about the non-performing loan mechanism of our real estate industry than you. ”

Liu Jin said that since the second half of last year, relevant state departments have taken many measures to support the stable and healthy development of real estate enterprises, and individual loan defaults and individual overseas debts have been solved one after another. With the successive implementation of China's various policies to support real estate, the market will have a recovery process, and real estate enterprises will definitely return to the normal and healthy development track. In particular, the state is now taking multiple measures to optimize the supply of real estate, and a more healthy real estate industry will be formed in the future. "So we are full of confidence in the real estate industry and even more confident in the recovery of the Chinese economy."

"Affected by the adjustment of the real estate market last year, ICBC's non-performing loan rate for real estate business increased." Wang Jingwu said bluntly, but ICBC's real estate loans account for relatively low, the overall risk is controllable, and it will not have a great impact on the asset quality of the whole bank.

Wang Jingwu said: "With the accelerated economic recovery and the orderly advancement of policies such as the 16 financial regulations and the guarantee of handover buildings, it is expected that real estate risks will be gradually and effectively resolved." ”

Zhang Xuguang said that with the stabilization and recovery of the real estate market, the demand for mortgage loans has now improved. ABC will actively support the demand for just-needed and improved housing, especially in county areas where ABC has been stable for a long time. At the same time, consideration will be given to increasing the investment of personal mortgage housing loans in areas with industrial support and population support.

Speaking of the risk events of European and American banks, Liu Jun, president of Bank of Communications, believes that the point worth paying attention to in this incident is that the two phenomena of "money like water" and "money like honey" exist at the same time. It cannot be considered that money is evenly distributed in the corners and corners of the real economy like water, and sometimes it sticks to a certain asset category like honey.

Liu Jun explained that the liabilities of Silicon Valley Bank are like "water", from the deposits of science and technology enterprises, but their assets are like "honey", "welded" on long-term bonds, so after the final run, the entire debt gap will be immediately apparent, and the entire asset liquidity is very poor. In addition, the Credit Suisse incident is related to "KYC (Know Your Customer)".

Jiang Ruibin, investment director of the Agricultural Bank of China, said that the risk events in the US and European banks have a very small direct impact on the Agricultural Bank. Reflecting on this turmoil, banks should be prudent in their operations and should not rush to achieve quick results.

Ji Zhihong, vice president of China Construction Bank, said that the entire group of CCB has no exposure to Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse Bank, and the direct impact is very small. Even from an indirect or derivative point of view, the impact is very limited.

Liu Jin pointed out that some fluctuations in the financial industry in the international market have recently provided a good warning to the risk management of Chinese financial institutions. Bank of China's risk management line, risk management department and relevant business departments responded quickly, actively responded, and made objective, comprehensive and in-depth risk judgments in a timely manner. At the same time, stress tests were carried out in relevant business areas at home and abroad, demonstrating good professionalism and ability to deal with risks. (End)