China International Fashion Week closes Original designs inject vigorous impetus into China's fashion industry

China International Fashion Week 2023 concluded in Beijing on March 3. During this fashion week, the reporter felt in the interview that original design is still the focus of the fashion week, and it has also injected vigorous impetus into the future development of China's fashion industry.

Song Jin is one of the traditional silk crafts in China. At the press conference, the models wore Song Jin clothing designs full of ancient Chinese rhyme and fashion elements, bringing a refreshing feeling to the audience. The designer transformed the original clothing forms such as leaf veins and fur into key patterns and integrated them with the four-way continuous pattern of Song Jin to create an abstract dark texture pattern of leaf veins and fur, which vividly realized the charm of Jiangnan silk culture.

Designer Wu Zhenfei: On the platform of China International Fashion Week, our Chinese designers use Chinese concepts and Chinese materials to express modern design, which is an original display platform for Chinese culture.

This fashion week attracts many young designers who have created many original pieces with fresh vitality in the collision of modern and traditional, Eastern and Western fashion. In addition, Fashion Week also provides a stage for original designers to inherit and express traditional culture.

Designer Han Qi: As an independent designer, originality is a must. Then my original point is to use traditional Chinese culture as the keynote. Then do some improvements, do some improvements. Integrate some elements of traditional Chinese culture and folk culture into fashion.

The reporter learned that in order to better protect original designs, since 2018, the China Fashion Designers Association and a number of units have launched the establishment of the China Fashion Intellectual Property Protection Center, increasing efforts to protect intellectual property rights, and also providing designers with a more perfect creative environment. (CCTV News Client)