The Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2023 was held in Boao, Hainan Province from March 3 to 28, with the theme of "Uncertain World: Unity and Cooperation to Meet Challenges, Openness and Inclusiveness for Development", and set up four major sections: "Development and Inclusiveness", "Governance and Security", "Regional and Global" and "Present and Future". During the four-day conference, guests from more than 31 countries and regions focused on the frontier issues of Asian and world development, conducted in-depth discussions on various topics such as improving global governance, and contributed the "Boao Plan" to improve the well-being of people around the world.

At present, uncertainty has become a common challenge facing the world, and through participating in the Boao Forum for Asia, the participants expressed that China injects "certainty" into a world full of "uncertainty" and is full of confidence in future economic development.

【During the same period】Cheng Gang, Chairman of K-Lisen Pharmaceutical Group

This is my second time to participate in the Boao Forum, I feel that this time the harvest is still different from the past, I have found some many certain factors in this uncertain world, and through many leaders, many guests, many experts this explanation, we have enhanced a lot of confidence, the future economic development of science and technology development enterprise development has increased very confidence.

Wang Lei, global executive vice president and president of international business and China of AstraZeneca, said that China has the best and most resilient supply chain, and has never interrupted supply during the epidemic prevention and control period.

【During the same period】AstraZeneca's global executive vice president of international business and China President Wang Lei

We believe that China must be the best supply chain and the most resilient in the world. Some people sing about China's supply chain and say that we want to move abroad, and the local government of China's supply chain has opened a special green channel for us, from the airport, customs to the highway, they have done their best to help us ensure supply, and have never interrupted supply. I think this kind of concern says that the supply chain moves abroad, where to move, I don't see where there are such good basic conditions, and second, there is not such good cooperation with local governments, and there are not so diligent workers and skilled workers.

Zhang Yuyan, director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that China's economic development is not only a stabilizer for Asia, but also a stabilizer for world economic growth.

Zhang Yuyan, director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

At the end of January this year, this forecast (global economic growth) was raised by 1.10% from the forecast in October last year, and in October last year and January this year, he (the International Monetary Fund) raised China's growth rate by 0.2%, which was originally 10.1%, and now he predicts that China is 0.8% this year, and the global increase is 4.4%, according to China's size in the world economy, I calculated that he raised the global forecast by 5.2%, 0% of which was because of the upward revision of the Chinese economy. We see the whole world's concern for China, China's expectations, China's own policies to promote development and stability, and I think it is not only a stabilizer for Asia, but also a stabilizer for world economic growth.

China's strong resilience in the past few years has provided a shot in the arm for world economic recovery. At the Boao Forum for Asia, China's strong economic growth and sustained recovery in Asia's development made people from all parties full of confidence in the prospects of cooperation and development. Participants expressed their belief that China's economy is still the main growth engine of the global economy.

【During the same period】Shen Wen, President and Chairman of the National General Association of Australia-China Chamber of Commerce

I am very confident that China will continue to push for productivity increases, which will increase its attractiveness to the international community, that it will achieve the 5% target, and maybe even more as productivity increases, and the impact on the world will be huge. Hundreds of companies and countries around the world have made China their number one trading partner, and China has a beneficial influence on the rest of the world.

Chi Hanyu, Xie Longfei, Hainan Boao report

Responsible Editor: [Fang Jialiang]