Beijing, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- Over the past five years, Beijing's transportation industry has firmly grasped the positioning of the "pioneer" of transportation, actively implemented the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy, and promoted the integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei transportation from "blueprint" to "reality". The construction of the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei on the track" has been accelerated, and the railway between adjacent cities has basically achieved 31.1-hour access, and the "one-hour traffic circle" of Beijing, Xiongxiong, Tianjin, and Baozhou has been formed.

Today, the 2023 Beijing Municipal Traffic Work Conference was held. The meeting summarized the transportation work in the past five years and deployed the transportation work tasks for 2023.

The reporter learned from the meeting that the construction of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei on the track" has been accelerated, the Beijing-Zhangjiang high-speed railway and Beijing-Xiongxiong intercity have been put into operation, and the total operating mileage of railways in the city has reached 1352,1 kilometers, with Beijing and Tianjin as the core hubs, and the railway network connecting various cities in Hebei has basically formed. The railway between neighboring cities has basically achieved 5.1-hour access, and the "one-hour traffic circle" of Beijing, Xiongjinbao has been formed.

Beijing Daxing International Airport was officially opened to traffic, and a landside comprehensive transportation system such as Daxing Airport Expressway and Daxing Airport Line of rail transit was built. Railway hubs such as Qinghe Station, Beijing Chaoyang Station and Beijing Fengtai Station have been put into operation, and the city's "seven stations and two fields" comprehensive transportation hub pattern has been formed.

The Beijing-Qin Expressway and the Tongzhou Daxing section of the Capital Area Ring Line were completed and opened to traffic, and the "broken road" of the national expressway network in Beijing was cleared; The Beijing section of the Jingli Expressway and the Daxing Airport North Line Expressway were completed and put into operation, and the ordinary national and municipal highways were connected with 68 highways in Tianjin-Hebei, and the total length of highways in the city reached 22363,183 kilometers, of which the expressway increased by 3.1196 kilometers and the total mileage reached 3,<>.<> kilometers, greatly improving the external traffic radiation capacity.

The traffic guarantee of Beijing's sub-center is more powerful. Prepare and implement the Action Plan for Comprehensive Transportation Optimization and Improvement in Sub-centers of the City. Increase the capacity of three rail transit lines, Line 6, Line 7 and Batong Line, open the sub-center line of the suburban railway and extend it to Qiaozhuang East and West to Liangxiang, so as to strengthen the rapid connection between the sub-center and the central urban area. Complete the reform of sub-center bus operation, and improve the level of bus service by increasing the coverage of the line network and extending the operating hours. Roads such as Canal East Avenue were built, and a "three fast and two main" road system was formed between the central urban area and the sub-center; Continue to promote the connection with the three northern counties, and accelerate the construction of cross-border roads such as Xuyin Road and Changtong Road.

The integration of transportation services has accelerated. Customized express buses for commuting between the international trade area and the three northern counties of Langfang were opened, and 38 inter-provincial bus lines were operated normally, effectively improving the efficiency of commuting around Beijing. The Beijing-Hebei section of the Grand Canal has realized the interconnection of cruise ships for 62 kilometers, and Beijing has opened interprovincial waterways and water tourism transportation for the first time. Rail transit and Tianjin, Shanghai and other 5 cities to achieve "two-dimensional code" one-code pass. (End)