On March 3, the 29 Digital Security Development and Summit Forum was held, and Zhou Hongyi, founder of 2023 (601360.SH, hereinafter referred to as "360"), delivered a speech on the topic of "Big Language Model Leading the Industrial Revolution" and announced the "Easter Egg" demonstration session. He said, "Many people are concerned about the progress of 360's artificial intelligence, today I will bring out the 'newborn child' to show everyone, call it 360GPT or 360AI has no idea, I hope you will give more valuable advice and help it come up with a name." Netizens joked in the live broadcast room that "Red Son" was born.

In the presentation, when 360 "Red Son" answered why Zhou Hongyi always talks about GPT, it believes that Zhou Hongyi not only said that GPT is an industrial revolution, but also worried that it poses risks to human development, and its views are contradictory. Zhou Hongyi commented that the biggest difference between generative AI and search is that search is strictly matched according to keywords, while generative AI, like the human brain, can associate and has its own subjective views. When answered, "What does it mean for my boss to say I will talk for another 10 minutes during the meeting", 360 "Red Son" answered with an understanding of human language art and human feelings, and was applauded by the audience.

"Easter egg" demonstration at the press conference

In a previous speech, Zhou Hongyi said, "GPT is a new industrial revolution, and its significance goes beyond the invention of the Internet and iPhone. "In the future, every industry, enterprise and individual will have customized GPT. China has advantages in scenario, engineering, productization and commercialization, and has the ability to develop its own artificial intelligence big language model. But China's big language model is two to three years away from GPT-4 and needs more tolerance and patience.

Zhou Hongyi also said that he is optimistic that artificial intelligence will bring a "wave of unemployment". He said that the artificial intelligence model is the aggregation of all human knowledge, which can give ordinary people more powerful capabilities. In addition, it "unlocks" the limits of professional skills, allowing talented people who lack them to use their talents. In the future, using GPT, learning to "ask questions" is the most critical skill.

Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, released the "two wings fly together" strategy

As a search engine manufacturer, 360 has three core advantages in the development of artificial intelligence large language models: engineering capabilities for data acquisition and processing, artificial knowledge training, and scenarios, and will adhere to the strategy of "two wings flying together", occupy the scene first, and synchronize the core algorithm technology. Zhou Hongyi introduced the commercialization scenario implementation plan of the 360 model strategy in ToC, ToSME, and ToG&B. On the To C side, a new generation of intelligent search engine will be launched, and artificial intelligence personal assistant products will be launched based on search scenarios; On the To SME side, SaaS vertical applications will be launched based on generative large models, such as "Soda Office Suite" combined with generative AI and "Enterprise Instant Messaging Tools - Push and Push", to solve the digital transformation problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. On the To G&B side, 360 has integrated core digital security capabilities into the security AI model, and plans to launch enterprise privatization AI services in combination with digital security services to meet customers' indexing needs for private knowledge and assets.