Have spare items at home? Sell it online with a casual pat. Want to buy a new car and don't have enough budget? The second-hand trading platform has a rich variety and preferential prices. Open the online second-hand trading platform, from clothing, shoes and hats, books, toys, handicrafts, digital products, to furniture, home appliances, automobiles, etc., online buying and selling second-hand items has become a popular "win-win" trading model - sellers change hands and buyers save money. In order to promote the high-quality development of second-hand trading platforms, experts suggest improving the standardization, standardization and digitalization of the second-hand commodity market, promoting the integrated development of online and offline, and allowing more users to "sell with peace of mind and buy with confidence".

The head effect is obvious

Log in to online second-hand trading platforms such as "Xianyu" to find that among the goods transferred by netizens, clothing, skin care products, and makeup are more common, and most of the products have posted photos and indicated that they can be traded in the same city or mailed, attracting netizens in need to leave messages and consult. It is reported that the monthly active users of Xianyu have reached 1 million, and the items on Xianyu cover almost all categories of consumer goods, including digital, clothing, beauty, furniture, mother and baby, etc.

It is understood that there are two main operating modes of online second-hand trading platforms, one is that the platform recycles second-hand items, and after inspection, disinfection and other procedures, it is open to users for purchase; The other is direct transactions between users, the platform only provides corresponding information, and the transaction process is communicated by the buyer and seller themselves.

At present, the head effect of second-hand e-commerce is obvious, and the second-hand comprehensive category includes idle fish, transfer, enjoyment of things, and strict selection. In the market segment, second-hand electronic products include love recycling, second-hand cars, etc., and second-hand books include Confucius Used Books Network.

Find a favorite mobile phone, sell small appliances that you don't use... In the online second-hand trading market, many young people switch back and forth between "buyer" and "seller". "Many friends around me regard the second-hand trading platform as a place to share and socialize, publish life moments, experiences, dressing styles and other content on the platform, and interact with netizens. Additional income can be obtained by selling unwanted items through second-hand trading platforms. Buy favorite items from the platform that are both affordable and practical. Netizen Xiao Liao said.

Zhu Di, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that second-hand trading platforms not only reduce consumer costs, but also make transactions more efficient and convenient. Nowadays, sustainable consumption concepts such as revitalizing available resources are recognized by many people, and online second-hand trading has increasingly become a consumption method and life concept that pursues individuality and advocates environmental protection.

Supporting service escort

"Professional idle trading platforms can gain the trust of more consumers through high-quality services." Tian Junjie, who operates a second-hand trading platform for trendy items, believes that when consumers choose a greener consumption method such as idle commodity trading, they not only pay attention to the practicality of goods, but also care about whether they have a better consumer experience. "We hope to help promote the development of the idle commodity trading market by providing online closed-loop trading and offline strict quality inspection and identification."

In order to dispel buyers' concerns and gain long-term trust, the industry has come up with practical measures in the construction of credit system, transaction process design, and improvement of supporting services, so that the transaction of idle goods can truly save money and worry. Taking second-hand car trading as an example, Guazi second-hand car uses digital technology to create a new consumption scene, so that car viewing, consulting, ordering, finance, insurance, etc. can be completed online, and the car can be delivered to the door the next day at the earliest, and a 7-day no-reason return service is also provided. Wang Xiaoyu, senior vice president of Guazi Second-hand Car, introduced in an interview with this newspaper that in order to optimize and improve the service quality of the second-hand car industry, Guazi has formulated platform-level guarantee standards, covering the standardized and standardized service rules of the whole process of second-hand car consumption. "Up to now, the platform's 1,85 car dealers have provided tens of thousands of high-quality second-hand cars for users to purchase, and the turnover efficiency of vehicle sources has been greatly improved, and cross-regional transaction volume accounts for <>%. Only by improving efficiency and ensuring transaction security can we promote the rapid growth of second-hand car transactions. Wang Xiaoyu said.

"With the help of the online used car platform, the company has taken some innovative measures to allow customers to view cars remotely online and compare various test reports, saving time and effort." Chen Ji, general manager of Suzhou Lexuan Youche Automobile Sales and Service Company, said in an interview with this newspaper, "We have a second-hand Lincoln off-road vehicle in our inventory, which was sold to Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, through the melon seed platform. At the beginning, the customer saw the car from the platform and found that the cost performance was good, but the distance was long, and he did not understand the car condition, so he was hesitant. Later, through the testing of all aspects of the Guazi platform, he looked at the car online and repeatedly confirmed the condition of the car with customer service, and learned that there was a return guarantee service, so he had no worries about placing an order directly to buy, and when he visited the after-sales return, he was quite satisfied with the second-hand car. ”

Win the market with credit

Experts believe that the prospect of the Internet second-hand trading platform is promising and has a positive effect on sustainable development and circular economy. Taking the second-hand trading platform as an example, 2022 million users will trade second-hand goods in 2000, achieving carbon emission reduction of 66,8 tons, and the energy loss reduction is equivalent to the energy consumption of 8,<> households in China in one year.

The continuous improvement of China's e-commerce and logistics system has created favorable conditions for the supply and demand docking of idle commodities and circulation transactions. Zhang Li, director of the E-commerce Research Institute of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said that China's second-hand trading platforms have some unique characteristics, such as higher market activity and large economic volume; With the participation of large e-commerce platforms, there is a large space for development; The variety of second-hand goods is rich, providing consumers with more choices; The industrial chain is long, the degree of integration is high, and the logistics services are complete.

"In terms of price, quality, service, after-sales and other links, second-hand trading platforms with good shopping experience are more likely to gain consumer favor." Industry experts believe that the scale of online second-hand transactions in China is increasing, and the categories of goods are becoming increasingly rich, and at the same time, various second-hand transaction disputes occur from time to time. It has become a consensus in the industry to promote the high-quality development of the online second-hand trading market and realize "worry-free selling and safe buying". Relevant enterprises should actively use information technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence to accelerate the integration of online and offline trading channels for second-hand goods, and provide standardized, standardized and digital services to make second-hand transactions safer, more reliable and more efficient.

"China's online second-hand market calls for innovative changes on both the supply side and the consumer side. On the one hand, the supply side should continue to innovate, encourage the promotion of second-hand consumption formats, support the development of second-hand trading e-commerce, and improve the consumer service system of the platform itself; On the other hand, the consumption side needs to vigorously popularize sustainable consumption and green environmental protection consumption, build a resource-friendly society, and allow second-hand transactions to develop steadily. Judy said.

(People's Daily Overseas Edition, Li Xueqin)