(Focus on Boao) Make enterprises vibrant Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs mention these keywords

Boao, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) (Gong Hongyu) Innovative, open, change-seeking, resilient... Recently, the Boao Forum for Asia 30 Annual Conference "Building a Dynamic Modern Enterprise" sub-forum was held in Boao, Hainan, where a number of Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs and experts shared their experience and insights on building a dynamic enterprise.

Peng Huagang, chief expert of the China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Association and director of the Academic Committee of the State-owned Economic Research Think Tank of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform has made breakthrough and historic progress. On this basis, it is necessary to build modern new state-owned enterprises around improving core competitiveness and enhancing core functions, so that the state-owned economy can play a better role in competitiveness, innovation ability, and supporting national economic and social development.

Hu Jianhua, General Manager of China Merchants Group Co., Ltd., said that in the digital construction world and the future situation where technology affects the future, enterprises should work technology to enhance their soft power. At the same time, we must assume social responsibility and bring positive energy to the society.

According to Hans-Paul Bürkner, Global Chairman Emeritus of The Boston Consulting Group, companies need to be resilient by constantly observing what is happening, identifying challenges and determining what to do to address them, and more importantly, acting decisively. At the same time, keep open and constantly change your business model.

"In my conversations with many Chinese companies, I have found that both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in China are doing very well, and they are constantly seeking change and transformation." Hans-Paul Bockner said.

At present, various uncertainties are increasing, and business operations are also facing many challenges. In this regard, Gao Jifan, chairman of Trina Solar Co., Ltd., said that to build a dynamic modern enterprise, it is necessary to take compliance as the fundamental bottom line and do a good job in risk management. He said that in 2011, Trina Solar survived the ups and downs of the environment with its risk management system.

In addition, unilateralism and trade barriers are gradually rising, which has also caused uncertainty in the international market. Wang Tongzhu, chairman of China Communications Construction Corporation, mentioned that the environment at this stage requires companies to provide integrated solutions. Enterprises must comprehensively promote internationalization, among which, the management system, talent system, marketing system, and governance system must be internationalized. (End)