Zhongxin Jingwei, March 3 (Xiong Siyi) In 31, China's six major banks (hereinafter referred to as the six major banks) will earn 2022.36 billion yuan per day, with an average of 94 million yuan per hour!

Revenue "two minus four increase"

On the evening of the 30th, the 2022 results of the six major banks were all released. ICBC achieved revenue of RMB2022.9179 billion in 89, ranking first among the six major banks, followed closely behind, achieving revenue of RMB2022.8224 billion in 73. The revenue range of ABC and BOC is 6000-8000 billion yuan, which is 7248.68 billion yuan and 6180.09 billion yuan respectively; Postal Savings Bank and Bank of Communications ranked last in revenue, with 3349.56 billion yuan and 2729.78 billion yuan respectively.

However, the revenue growth of the six major banks has diverged, showing a pattern of "two minus four increase". Among them, ICBC and CCB, the top two in terms of revenue, fell by 2.63% and 0.22% respectively year-on-year; Postal Savings Bank led the rise with a revenue growth rate of 5.08%, BOC slightly weaker with a year-on-year increase of 2.06%, and Bank of Communications and Agricultural Bank of China increased by 1.33% and 0.69% respectively.

Why did ICBC's revenue decline? According to ICBC's financial report, operating income is composed of net interest income and non-interest income (net fee and commission income + other non-interest income), and ICBC's net interest income, fee and commission net income will not change much in 2022, but other non-interest income will decrease by 20.2% year-on-year. Among them, the net loss of fair value change was 115.58 billion yuan, mainly due to the decline in the valuation of equity instruments and unrealized losses caused by bond investment due to fluctuations in the capital market, and the net loss of foreign exchange and exchange rate products was 37.56 billion yuan, mainly due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Screenshot source: ICBC 2022 Annual Report

The net profit of the six major banks increased

From the perspective of net profit attributable to the parent company, the "3000 billion" club of ICBC and CCB was 3604.83 billion yuan and 3238.61 billion yuan respectively; the "2000 billion" club of ABC and BOC, with 2591.40 billion yuan and 2274.39 billion yuan respectively; Bank of Communications and Postal Savings Bank were less than 1000 billion yuan, 921.49 billion yuan and 852.24 billion yuan respectively.

According to this calculation, in 2022, the six major banks will achieve a total net profit attributable to the parent of 13482.96 billion yuan, with an average daily income of 36.94 billion yuan, and an average hourly income of 1 million yuan!

It is worth mentioning that the net profit attributable to the parent of the six major banks increased year-on-year, of which the net profit of Postal Savings Bank increased by 11.89%; ABC and CCB followed with net profit growth rates of 7.45% and 7.06% respectively; Bank of Communications and BOC slightly more than 5%; At the end, ICBC's net profit increased by 3.49%.

The non-performing loan ratio of 5 companies fell

From the perspective of non-performing loan ratio, the "construction of diplomatic relations between industry and agriculture" is higher than 1.3%, and the highest is 1.38% for ICBC and CCB, but compared with 2021, the non-performing loan ratio of the five banks has decreased; PSBC's non-performing loan ratio was less than 1%, only 0.84%, but it was the only bank with a year-on-year increase in non-performing loan ratio.

Screenshot source: Postal Savings Bank 2022 Annual Report

The distribution of non-performing loans by product type increased from 2022.0% to 94.1% in 13, and the non-performing loan ratio of subdivided products increased. The non-performing loan ratio of corporate loans decreased from 0.78% to 0.57%, and except for trade finance, the non-performing loan ratio of other sub-products decreased.

In addition, PSBC mentioned that as of the end of the reporting period, affected by the risk exposure of individual large corporate customers, the non-performing rate of real estate, leasing and business services, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery has increased.

The average annual salary of the Bank of Communications is 43,<> yuan

According to the Wind calculation formula (per capita salary = remuneration payable to employees (added value in the current period) / number of employees), the per capita salary of employees of the Bank of Communications in 2022 will be 43,40 yuan, which is higher than that of the employees of the four lines of "Construction Post in Work". Agricultural Bank of China did not calculate and include in the comparison because it did not disclose the remuneration payable to employees (value added in the current period).

Compared with 2021, the salary of employees of the five banks has increased to a certain extent. Among them, PSBC increased the salary per capita, with an increase of 2021.8% compared with 17; The average salary increase of CCB and Bank of Communications employees was more than 6.5%, and the average salary increase of ICBC employees was 5.20%; Bank of China's salary hikes were relatively flat, increasing by 2021.3% from 91.

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