Based on the strategic goal of China Merchants Bank to build a "value bank", FinTech Training Camp has always adhered to the principle of "creating value for students pursuing their dreams", aiming to attract college students to explore the cutting-edge application of financial technology and feel the business connotation of value bank through the form of summer camp. In 2023, the 7th Quarter of China Merchants Bank FinTech Training Camp with the theme of "Love creates value" will set sail again, and will continue to create a training camp that is highly recognized, empowering and excellent in the field of financial technology.

Under the background of the state's efforts to promote the optimization and expansion of the digital economy, how to promote the deep integration of cutting-edge technology and the financial industry, guide the flow of high-quality talents to the construction of the digital economy, and thus create a new situation of high-quality development of the financial industry, has become an important topic that needs to be discussed and promoted by the whole industry.

Recently, China Merchants Bank's "Innovation, Star Creation, Innovation" Fintech Talent Summit and the Global Launch Ceremony of the 7th Quarter FinTech Training Camp were held in Shenzhen. Zhao Yu, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Degree and Graduate Education, Li Kai, Assistant Dean of Shenzhen Institute of Financial Stability and Development, Fan Xiaoxi, General Manager of Beijing Ruizheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., as well as employment-related leaders of 18 universities and leaders of fintech-related faculties attended the event. Representatives of China Merchants Bank's Human Resources Department, Fintech Office, Inclusive Finance Department, Private Banking Department, Information Technology Department and CMB Network Technology attended the summit. Academic experts and industry partners gathered in Shenzhen to look forward to the development prospects of the financial industry, discuss the cultivation of digital talents, and build new brilliance in the three major fields of "financial innovation, technology innovation and talent creation".

In his opening speech, Qi Xiangyu, General Manager of Human Resources Department of China Merchants Bank, pointed out that China Merchants Bank has always adhered to the principle of "technology and talents", and in the era of digital transformation of banks, FinTech training camp is a great tool to consolidate the core competitiveness of China Merchants Bank's technology talents. The theme of "Love to Create Value" in the seventh quarter is also in line with China Merchants Bank's strategic goal of building a value bank.

Afterwards, Zhao Yu, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Association for Degree and Postgraduate Education, delivered a speech as a special guest. She pointed out the importance of postgraduate education in the talent training chain, hoped that talent training and scientific and technological innovation can complement and promote each other, and wished the conference a complete success.

In the session of "Financial Innovation and Development with One Heart", Zhang Xueyong, Dean of the School of Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, took "Fintech and the Transformation of Commercial Banks" as the theme, taking the development status of China's asset management industry and the challenges and opportunities as the starting point, pointing out that "finance plus technology" is the key point of the transformation of commercial banks, and it is "empowering financial practice with science and technology, building financial theory with science and technology understanding, and cultivating financial talents with science and technology".

Li Kai, assistant to President of Shenzhen Institute of Financial Stability and Development, took the background of the times as the starting point to introduce in detail the innovative development and support system of Shenzhen's fintech ecological construction, as well as the design logic and system architecture of the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Fintech Specialist" program, and expressed his expectations and confidence in creating a new future of fintech for high-quality development.

Yu Wujie, Deputy General Manager of Information Technology Department of China Merchants Bank, made an in-depth analysis of bank transformation under the wave of digitalization, and shared the efforts and achievements of China Merchants Bank in the face of digital transformation challenges, indicating that "technology has long been integrated into the DNA of China Merchants Bank". Finally, he pointed out that finance and technology are bound to converge, and China Merchants Bank should have insight into the trends, correlations and opportunities of digital technology development and steadily build a value bank.

Finally, Ye Qiang, Executive Dean of the School of Science and Technology of USTC, Executive Dean of the School of Management, and Dean of the Institute of International Finance, shared his unique insights on "Financial Talent Training in the Digital Economy Era". Dean Ye introduced the impact of ChatGPT on the talent market and discussed the new development trend of digital economy and financial technology from the perspective of technology. Dean Ye pointed out that innovation in the digital economy era is from new technologies and new products to new business models, new decision-making models and new thinking models, and talent demand and talent training in this context are important issues in the digital economy era.

In the session of "Science and Technology Creation Stars, Joint Writing and Drawing of Stars", Yu Wendi, assistant general manager of the Information Technology Department of China Merchants Bank, Deng Anqi, deputy director of Peking University Student Career Guidance Service Center, He Xuebing, assistant director of Tsinghua University Student Career Development Guidance Center, Chen Lin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University School of Software, and Fan Xiaoxi, general manager of Beijing Ruizheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., were guests at the roundtable forum. Focusing on "Fintech Talent Training and High-quality Employment for Digital Economy", the four guests discussed the opportunities and challenges of universities cultivating talents in the context of digital economy from the perspective of universities, and also analyzed how to prepare for employment in the digital economy from the perspective of students.

In the "New Chapter of Talent Creation and Cohesion", Jiang Yifei, head of campus recruitment of China Merchants Bank, introduced that the FinTech training camp originated from China Merchants Bank's keen insight into the trend of "people + digitalization", and has now become an important way to select fintech talents in the bank. Jiang Yifei said that because of his love, China Merchants Bank continues to innovate in campus recruitment, and looks forward to working with students from various universities to pursue the light and realize their dreams.