According to the website of the China Consumer Association on March 3, the China Consumers Association and the Communist Youth League Central Consumption Warning: Establish a healthy consumption concept and stay away from bad "campus loans."

With the rapid development of the Internet and inclusive finance, the consumption demand and credit demand of college students are increasing, and a large number of non-bank institutions and platforms rely on the Internet to gradually penetrate into the college student group and carry out loan business to college students, which is the so-called "campus loan". "Campus loan" has the advantages of small amount, high efficiency, low threshold and wide range, attracting many college students with advanced consumption demand to apply for loans.

However, behind the popularity of "campus loans", there are also serious hidden dangers. On the one hand, the current "campus loan" market has a series of problems such as low threshold for handling loan business, uneven qualifications of operators, ineffective identity verification, opaque contract information, and insufficient risk warnings. On the other hand, because college students' three views are not fully mature, their material needs are strong, their curiosity about unknown things is strong, but their own control ability is poor, their awareness of risk prevention is weak, coupled with their lack of social experience, they are easy to fall into the trap of lawbreakers.

In this regard, we remind the majority of young students and consumers to rationally consider advanced consumption, choose lending institutions carefully, and avoid falling into the trap of bad "campus loans".

First, we must establish a correct concept of consumption. College students should establish correct values and consumption views, comprehensively and objectively understand themselves, accept themselves, not be swayed by external anxiety, pressure, and impetuosity, do not overly place spiritual needs on materials, overcome the psychology of conformity, comparison, vanity, etc., rationally understand their consumption ability, formulate consumption plans according to their own economic conditions, reasonably arrange living expenses, and cultivate rational consumption awareness and good consumption habits.

Second, we must learn financial and financial knowledge. In the context of financial digitalization, college students should learn basic financial knowledge, improve their ability to understand and control money, be familiar with common types of financial products and services and their related laws and policies, understand the importance of personal credit records, be good at assessing their own repayment ability and cherish credit records, learn to reasonably allocate and use money, live within their means, and clearly understand the essence of installment payments, advanced consumption, and online platform lending.

Third, we should enhance the awareness of risk prevention. In order to meet the consumption needs of college students, bad "campus loans" have constantly renovated their scams and traps, and illegal loans such as "beauty loans", "training loans", "single loans", "long loans", "usury loans", "routine loans" and "naked strip loans" have emerged one after another. College students should properly protect their important personal information such as ID numbers, bank card numbers, mobile phone numbers, and verification codes, do not scan QR codes from unknown sources, and do not easily disclose home addresses, dormitory addresses, and parents' contact numbers to others; Have a basic determination of illegal acts such as usury, fraud, and extortion, and promptly report the case to the public security organ when their own rights and interests are damaged.

Fourth, find a formal banking institution for loans. On February 2021, 2, five departments, including the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security, and the People's Bank of China, jointly issued the Notice on Further Standardizing the Supervision and Administration of Internet Consumer Loans for College Students, stipulating that institutions established without the approval of the banking regulatory authorities or local financial regulatory authorities shall not provide credit services to college students. If college students really need to apply for a loan, they must first communicate with their parents, carefully assess their repayment ability, and check whether the institution has a qualification certificate approved by the relevant departments. Before lending, you should also carefully read the content of the contract, clarify the loan amount, interest rate, repayment method, default liability and other important information, and ensure that the terms of the contract are legal and reasonable.

Finally, we call on all parties in society to pay more attention to non-performing "campus loans", actively build a pattern of multi-party collaborative governance, improve the industry access and operation supervision system, clarify the industry access threshold, improve the industry risk prevention and control mechanism, investigate and rectify illegal institutions, and provide college students with customized, standardized, safe and secure, true and transparent, risk-controllable financial products and services. At the same time, we strive to create a campus cultural environment that advocates economy and opposes waste, advocate college students to actively carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, establish a scientific and rational view of consumption, pursue a civilized and noble spiritual life, abandon backward and vulgar material comparisons, and devote more time and energy to things that realize the value of life. (Zhongxin Finance)