The prices of Imserso trips for the 2023-2024 season will rise by 7.5%, one point below what pensions have increased, and will give a greater margin to hoteliers and travel agencies, who had requested the update of the program.

According to the specifications published this Monday by the institute on the public sector contracting portal, a total of 886,269 places will be offered (70,000 more than in this campaign), with a contribution from Imserso of 71.7 million.

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Spaniards living in other countries will be able to participate in Imserso trips

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Spaniards living in other countries will be able to participate in Imserso trips


Viajes Imserso 2023: The two important changes that come into force

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Viajes Imserso 2023: The two important changes that come into force

A rise in programs of 7.5% is set, one point below what pensions have increased this year and the same amount in which the Imserso budget for this year has been increased. Sources of the institute had already announced that the price increase in no case would be higher than that of retirement benefits.

Although there was an extension of the current contract, Imserso has chosen to launch a new tender after both hoteliers and travel agencies repeatedly complained about the limited margin left by this program, which has left places unfilled.

The Imserso, says the document published today, has identified the need to adapt the social tourism program to the new demands of the elderly and to incorporate the perspective of different agents linked to the sector.

EUR 318.7 million

The estimated value of the program (including both public and user contributions) plus VAT reaches 318.73 million euros, of which the institute contributes 22.5% and users the remaining 77.5%.

Lot one, of tourism of peninsular coast, is the most numerous, with 443,887 places; followed by lot two, of insular coasts, with 230,039 places, and three, of circuits, provincial capitals and for Spanish citizens residing in Europe, with 212,343 places.

The 70,000 new places are for lot three, that of circuits and provincial capitals, all of which are incorporated for the next campaign (there are 34 new ones, until completing the 52). Lots one and two maintain the same number of places this season.

Between 124 and 436 euros

Prices from September will range from 124.7 euros that will cost the four-day trip to provincial capitals (116 euros for the current season) to 436 euros for the 10 days in the Canary Islands with transport (405.5 now).

Trips of 10 days to the Balearic Islands with transport included will cost 331.5 euros and those of eight days, 267.6 euros; those of eight days to the Canary Islands, 355.3 euros; the six-day circuits, 293.1 euros; nature destinations, for four days, 286.8 euros, the same amount as Ceuta or Melilla for five days.

The displacements of peninsular coast are distributed between Andalusia, with 160,589 places; Valencian Community (155,100 places); Catalonia (106,322), and Murcia (21,877).

On the island coasts, 141,389 trips are assigned to the Balearic Islands, and 88,650 to the Canary Islands. In lot three, the specifications include 207,715 trips in circuits, nature tourism and provincial capitals; and 4,682 trips for Spanish citizens residing in Europe.

The new specifications establish the possibility of two annual extensions of the program, until the 2025-2026 season, with a base budget for this first year of 71.69 million euros charged to Imserso.

The price will score 38% and there will be "satiety threshold"

In the new tender the prices will score 38% and the quality of the proposal (commercialization transport, types of hotels, accessibility ...) the remaining 62%.

The specifications include a "satiety threshold" in relation to prices of 85% of the Base Bidding Budget (PBL) to "discourage" the submission of "mediocre" bids in the qualitative evaluation criteria.

If this body, the document states, does not include that threshold and low offers are allowed "such as those that usually come to be", between 20 to 30% on the PBL, a "high" pressure can be generated on the operating account of the winning company, "which hinders and conditions the development of the services included in the program".

Hoteliers now charge an average of 26.6 euros per person per day, and agencies receive 14 euros for each trip they manage, according to data from both unions, so they had asked for improvements, especially in a scenario of high inflation like the current one.

In September 2021, the tender for the 2021-2022 season was awarded, extendable for two more, to Mundiplan (a joint venture of Iberia, IAG7 and Alsa), which won lots one and two, corresponding to areas of peninsular and insular coast, respectively, and to Social Tourism (Ávoris), which kept the number three, of inland tourism and European origin.

So far, the current awardees have announced their intention to participate in this contest, in addition to Soltour, Ibersotar and Viajes el Corte Inglés.

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