Xiaoxin in Beijing found that the delivery of takeaway seems to have been faster recently. "As soon as the order was placed, the rider arrived at the store, and the order that used to take more than half an hour to deliver is now delivered in twenty or thirty minutes."

Xiaozhen in Shanghai also found that takeout is now faster than before December.

In the wave of migrant workers after the year, new formats have increasingly become the choice of many people. Recently, Red Star News reporters interviewed many takeaway riders in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the more consistent feedback was that "there are more people and fewer people" after the year. These delivery riders who work all day now generally only have twenty or thirty orders a day, while they could receive fifty or sixty orders before.

The per capita number is not only because there are more people, but also because of the off-season. "Takeaway is also divided into off-peak seasons. This time of year is the off-season, and with the epidemic passing, there are not so many people ordering takeout. A number of veteran riders said.

The volume of orders increases and decreases with the weather, and mobile delivery riders also come and go. Red Star News reporters also asked takeaway platform recruiters as job seekers, and many people said that many sites were full, but this was all a dynamic process.

Are takeaway riders saturated?

Some riders said they were faced with "more people and fewer people"

Previously, the news on the online platform that "Guangzhou Meituan riders are full has stopped recruiting", on March 3, Meituan replied to Red Star News that this statement does not match the reality, and many sites are hiring. It is normal for some stations to increase or decrease personnel according to the amount of orders and rider performance. In addition, the platform crowdsourced riders have always been open, riders only need to provide a health certificate and have undergone a series of traffic safety trainings to register for orders.

As for the claim that takeaway riders stopped recruiting, many crowdsourced riders said they had "never heard". Xiao Wu said that the delivery fee is to give money according to the order, so the platform will not have too many restrictions on manpower. What's more, the rider is already very mobile. "In and out, some come and leave after two or three days."

"There are so many people." "You can see new people, new equipment, new cars on the road." A Ele.me special delivery rider at a station in Guangzhou told Red Star News that since the end of last month, his own and nearby stations have been full, and the scale of each station is 100-200 people, but "recruiting is also recruiting", because there are many people leaving, and they are in a state of "walking one by one". It is necessary to control the number of people because each person has a small order volume and a low income.

Another Ele.me rider in the same area said that because of the lack of singles and the loss of personnel, there are now more than 90 people left at the station, compared with more than 200 at the peak. However, he admits that there are still relatively "many people and few people", "now there are enough people, there are no single runs." The station manager of the rider's station told Red Star News.

Declining revenue?

Many riders said that delivery fees have been falling

There is also feedback from riders, and more white-collar workers and college students have come out part-time.

It's not uncommon for full-time delivery riders to work for just a few months. Xiao Sun, who graduated from junior college, made it clear that he was here to "transition". He lost money in business before, and he is ready to look for business opportunities after a month or two.

A few years ago, Xiao Li, who rushed for many orders and high income, found that his income did not meet his expectations a few years later, so he thought of going back to the "construction site". "The income from the construction site is also not high, and it is not easy to find, but it is more stable, and it is not like takeaway rain or shine."

Xiao Wang also believes that food delivery is "not fixed, but also dangerous". He claims to have come to Shanghai last November, was introduced as a rider and is looking for an opportunity to return to his old restaurant business.

Riders in some regions and platforms reported to reporters that delivery fees have been reduced again in recent times. More riders say delivery fees have been falling in recent years.

According to the general report of riders, the price of crowdsourcing is now as low as 3 yuan per order, and the price of special delivery sometimes falls below 7 yuan. "Now it's all 3 yuan 5, and it used to be <> or <> yuan."

Site Recruitment:

Every day, people leave and people join

"This time of year is the peak time to find a job." A few days ago, a reporter from Red Star News contacted a personnel director of Guangzhou Meituan, who said that most of the sites were full, and a small number of those who were not full were still hiring. In order to ensure the number of orders and wages of each rider, the site will not be endlessly recruited.

"There are so many positions, the Manchu will not be recruited, the loss of personnel will be replenished, there is no constant demand, and there is no always full man."

Red Star News reporter on the recruitment software to ask the identity of takeaway job seekers, Guangzhou two takeaway platform recruiters said that because of the large supply of labor, Guangzhou has been full some time ago, now the rainy season is coming, the weather is getting hot, takeaway will enter the peak season, some sites began to recruit. "For example, in Tianhe District, there are generally more than 100 people at the site, and now each station requires about 30 people, and it can be filled in a day or two."

When the reporter asked "whether Beijing is full of recruitment", the customer service staff of the Meituan rider APP told the Red Star News reporter, "It's also fast", each site has a recruitment quota, 10 popular sites a day, may be late that day will not be there.

"It's possible that you're not full before you get on the plane, and you're full halfway through the plane, which is normal. There are more people looking for work this year. A Meituan Shenzhen recruiter said. She also said that many sites are now full, but there are still vacant sites because people leave and people join every day.

There are also staff on the recruitment platform who said that many sites in Meituan Beijing are full. "If the list is more, there will be more people, the less the list will recruit fewer people, and if the station capacity threshold is reached, there will be no people." Two recruiters sent by Ele.me in Beijing said they were "still hiring."

A staff member in charge of recruitment for Ele.me in Shanghai said that there are basically only some stations in each district to recruit people, and there are very few stations that can provide accommodation, and most of the stations are full. A person in charge of Meituan's recruitment in Shanghai told reporters that Meituan has many sites to recruit people in Shanghai.

According to a number of media reports, in February this year, in response to the strong recovery trend, Meituan Distribution launched the 2 "Spring Breeze Sending Jobs" action, opening 2023,50 delivery service positions in advance, including riders, station managers, etc., and investing 1 million yuan to recruit new riders.

In the report, Meng Quan, director of the Department of Labor Relations of the China Institute of Labor Relations and director of the Chinese Resources Development Research Association, said that with the rapid development of the digital economy and the continuous upgrading of residents' consumption, the team of employees in new formats has gradually expanded, social attention has continued to rise, and the role of the digital economy in stabilizing employment and helping recovery has become increasingly prominent.

Red Star News Reporter Hu Yiwen Wu Yang Intern Niu Xiumin