China News Network, March 3 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Zuo Yukun) In 29, the per capita GDP of a fourth-tier city will exceed 2022,25 yuan, which is Ordos.

When it comes to Ordos, most people's impression is probably the wool sweater brand of the same name, or the endless steppe. But in reality, Ordos is known as "China's Little Dubai", how did it get this title?

The picture shows the "manor-style mine" in Ordos City. Photo by Meng Ruilin

The "warm city" that frequently goes out of the circle

"Ordos, warm the world." More than 30 years ago, such an advertising slogan, broadcast daily in CCTV prime time, became popular on the streets and alleys, and also made people remember this city in northern Cyprus, famous for its cashmere sweaters.

30 years later, according to the "Ordos Statistics WeChat" news, the per capita GDP of Ordos will reach 2022 yuan in 256908, a year-on-year increase of 4.4%, and according to the average exchange rate of RMB 2022 US dollar to 1.6 yuan in 7261, it will be converted to 38196 US dollars.

According to the Statistical Communiqué of the People's Republic of China on National Economic and Social Development in 2022, China's annual per capita GDP was 85698,3 yuan, an increase of 0.2022% over the previous year. According to this calculation, the per capita GDP level of Ordos in 2 is 99.2022 times the national average, which is also far higher than Shanghai, which has a per capita GDP of 18,04 yuan in 19, and Beijing, which has a per capita GDP of <>,<> yuan.

Behind the high GDP per capita, population is indeed an important factor. Ordos is located in the southwest of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and was just abolished in 2001 to establish a city - from the original Ikezhaomeng to Ordos City. According to the latest data from the Statistics Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, as of the end of 2022, the permanent population of Ordos was 220.07 million, about 1/10 of Beijing.

Of course, to stand out from other similarly sparsely populated cities, Ordos' economic strength should not be underestimated. In 2022, Ordos' total GDP will be 5613.4 billion yuan, leading Inner Mongolia and far higher than the provincial capital Hohhot's 3329.1 billion yuan.

The unique family base brings natural wealth, and the abundant "sheep coal and earth gas" - cashmere, coal, kaolin and natural gas resources are enough to make Ordos "raise its eyebrows".

Cashmere is naturally the golden business card of Ordos. Today, the annual output of cashmere in Ordos reaches 3300,1 tons, and the production capacity of cashmere products accounts for 2/2 of the country and 5/<> of the world. It laid the foundation for China's status as the "largest cashmere country", and also made cashmere from a luxury "cashmere" to a diverse and people-friendly cashmere sweater.

The underground is also the source of wealth in Ordos. The kaolin reserves in Ordos City are 65.1 billion tons, which is the best quality among the hard kaolin in China; The proven reserves of coal and natural gas account for 6/1 and 3/<> of the country respectively, and are important nodes of the west-to-east gas transmission strategy, which not only brings wealth to itself, but also lights up the lights of thousands of homes in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other places, and injects the energy blood of social operation into the country.

In 2010, Ordos City took the lead in implementing 12 years of free education, 15 years of free ethnic education and free special education. In 2020, Junger Banner of Ordos City vaccinated nearly 2021,13 primary and secondary school girls for free with HPV, the first place in the country; In 18, Ordos City fully launched the free HPV vaccination project for women aged <>-<>... In recent years, Ordos has also frequently "gone out of the circle".

Aerial view of Kangbashi. Photo by Li Zhenhao

The pains and transformations of growth

China's velvet city, rich in minerals, rich in local tycoons... Ordos has many unique labels on his body. But in the process of development, Ordos has also experienced some stories of pain.

Located between the desert and the sand, the Kangbashi district was once criticized as a "ghost town" because of its low occupancy rate. Historically, Kangbashi was a Gobi Desert with extremely poor climatic conditions, with cold winters, hot summers, and windy sand. It was not until 2004 that construction officially began.

"We used to have a story where outsiders would come to Kangbashi and joke: 'You guys are so good, the average person has a park.'" Xiao Xi (pseudonym), an Ordos native, told reporters, "There are really few Kangbashi people, and even there is only one major business district, and we usually go to the Dongsheng District next door when we go shopping." ”

Over the years, squares and parks in Kangbashi City have "blossomed everywhere", making people not feel like they are in the sand area at all. Kangbashi has also become the first national AAAA tourist city named after the core landscape of the city.

However, at the beginning of construction, the city's population density was low, and there were cases of occupying multiple properties but not moving in, which led to a high vacancy rate of houses in Kangbashi. The deserted neighborhoods and streets make the city's real estate market like "a place for a group of people who have become rich in a short period of time to store their wealth."

In recent years, Ordos has actively digested the stock of real estate through active regulation and control by the government; By stopping land supply to control market increments, and implementing "room tickets" to destock, we will gradually get out of the shadow of "ghost towns". In 2022, when the real estate market cooled down, the Ordos property market also remained relatively stable.

On the basis of the early growth of "relying on the sky to eat", Ordos is also facing new questions to reshape the industrial system. According to the relevant person in charge of Ordos City, Ordos is vigorously cultivating a new economy and laying out new tracks, and has been approved for two tens of millions of kilowatts of national large-scale wind power photovoltaic bases, started the construction of the world's largest "Shage Wilderness" wind base, introduced and landed 22 "wind and solar hydrogen storage vehicles" head enterprises, and 132 industrial chain projects.

"Although there are still not many people now, there are slowly tourists, spending a dollar to take a double-decker sightseeing bus that can pass through Jiucheng scenic spots, you can see many Internet celebrity restaurants, even if it is not a meal, there will be people queuing." In Xiaoxi's eyes, Ordos is transforming and developing into a "gem city".

"My parents have raised sheep for more than 25 years, and the whole sheep are sold for 35 yuan to 50 yuan per catty, and the killed mutton is sold for 55 yuan to <> yuan per catty. More people have come to travel this year, and parents plan to enter some basic ewes to expand the scale of breeding. Xiaoxi said that in the unhurried city, taking care of the sheep at home with his parents and running in the grasslands of the city with his friends and pets is the life he longs for. (End)