A large-scale business meeting has begun in Kobe City, one of the world's leading pearl processing industries, and many buyers from Japan and abroad visit to purchase pearls.

This business meeting was held for the second time by an industry group made up of producers and others with the aim of making Kobe City, where about 7% of the world's pearls distributed in circulation are processed, a base for international transactions.

On the morning of the 2th, the opening ceremony was held at a venue in the city, and Tetsuya Fujita, chairman of the Japan Pearl Promotion Association, gave a greeting saying, "We would like to actively disseminate the beauty of Japan Akoya pearls overseas and lead to an increase in export value."

85 companies, mainly local vendors, exhibited at the business meeting, and about 600 buyers from Japan and abroad visited to negotiate prices and make purchases.

The base of international pearl trading was once Kobe, but in recent years it has moved to Hong Kong due to its growing popularity in China, and stakeholders hold regular business meetings to revitalize Kobe.

A buyer from China said, "Japan pearls are very popular and the price has gone up considerably, so I want to buy a good product at an affordable price."

In addition, a processing company in the city that exhibited said, "It is the industry's long-cherished desire to buy and sell Japan pearls in Japan without relying on Hong Kong, so I hope that business meetings in Kobe will continue in the future."