Taizhou, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- From the "poor and white" agricultural society to "villages lighting fires and households smoking", from "fighting hard shares" and "joint-stock system" to today's "manufacturing capital", the private economy has been born, developed and expanded in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, with hardships and twists and turns but unswerving, leaving a mark on every button, sewing machine, and car.

In this spring of competition, the private economy has also ushered in spring. In Taizhou, a hot spot for entrepreneurship that "sprouts when it rains and dew, and shines when there is sunshine", many people in the industry deeply feel the "rejuvenation song" belonging to the development of private economy.

As Zhuang Congsheng, former member of the leading party group and full-time vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, said: "At present, from inside and outside the Great Wall to the north and south of the Great River, a good momentum of fighting for the economy, engaging in construction, and grasping development has been shown everywhere. ”

Boost confidence and embrace innovation

From the 25th to the 27th, the 2023 China Private Economic Development Forum with the theme of "Striving for a New Journey and Creating New Brilliance" was held in Taizhou, where more than 300 experts and scholars, business leaders and people from all walks of life gathered together to explore a new path for the high-quality development of the private economy in the new era and provide suggestions for the development and growth of the private economy.

"I feel from my heart that the spring of the great development of private enterprises has arrived." At the forum, Li Shufu, vice president of the China Civil Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Geely Holding Group, said.

A view of Taizhou city. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee

Li Shufu said that Taizhou is the birthplace of China's private economy, and it is also the birthplace and practice of the "Wentai Model", where China's first joint-stock cooperative enterprise was born.

"The history of reform and development in Taizhou is a true portrayal of the history of China's private economic development. Geely Holding Group is a private enterprise that came out of Taizhou, witnessing the infinite vitality and vigor of this hot land, and China's first private enterprise car was born in Geely Taizhou factory. Li Shufu said that with this as a starting point, Geely has gone from Taizhou to the whole country and gradually to the world.

With the high-quality development of the private economy, the confidence of entrepreneurs is more precious than gold, and confidence comes from a solid manufacturing foundation - according to reports, there are currently 72 listed companies in Taizhou, forming a distinctive capital market "Taizhou plate"; There are 90 national "specialized, specialized and new" small giant enterprises, 15 national "single champion enterprises", 307 product segments, market share at home and abroad...

Taking "one car" as an example, today, the total industrial output value of Taizhou's automobile industry exceeds 4 billion yuan, with 6000 vehicle manufacturers such as Geely and Gonow and more than <>,<> parts supporting enterprises, and has formed a geese-shaped square array of coordinated development of "independent vehicle enterprises - leading parts enterprises - small and medium-sized parts enterprises".

For the development of enterprises, the iron must be hardened by itself, and constantly change ideas and innovate technology in order to break through the "triple pressure".

"Transfar Group is a multi-industry, multi-brand, global industrial group, which has always kept pace with the times and the country in the past 37 years since its establishment." Xu Guanju, chairman of Transfar Group, said that private enterprises themselves should correctly deal with environmental changes, take the initiative to change their roles and practices, and focus on building the core competitiveness of enterprises.

It is understood that Transfar Group has always promoted high-quality development through change and digitalization. Xu Guanju said that since 2015, they have invested more than 20 billion yuan in digitalization, with the courage of Phoenix Nirvana to transform themselves, implement a series of digital transformation actions, and the harvest is not small, "By 2022, our operating performance will continue to create new highs, and our total operating income will increase from 285.1450 billion yuan to 14 billion yuan; Total profits increased from 76.14 billion yuan to 80.<> billion yuan, and taxes increased from <>.<> billion yuan to <> billion yuan..."

In the global competition pattern, private enterprises should also adhere to open cooperation and adhere to domestic and international dual circulation. Li Shufu said that Geely's business has spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and its international business revenue is twice that of its domestic business. ”

"Run at most once" service site. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee

"At present, the difficulties of China's economy are mainly in the private economy, the hot spots of social concern are also in the private economy, and the new growth points in the future are also in the private economy." Therefore, to grasp the private economy well is to grasp the 'bull's nose' of China's economy, and the most important work of this 'bull's nose' is to enhance entrepreneurs' confidence in development and market expectations. Zhuang Congsheng said.

Fang Yi, vice president of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, vice president of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, chairman and general manager of Daily Interactive Co., Ltd., said in an interview that rooted in Zhejiang's superior business soil and his "four thousand spirit" of "hearing big from childhood", he is very confident in the future development of the enterprise.

Pro-Qing government and business matters are of no great detail

"Look high, love three points", this is Taizhou's consistent concept for private enterprises. At the same time, Taizhou's private economic people have also made indispensable contributions to social development - on average, there is less than 8 people in the local area, and there is one "boss". The private economy contributes more than 1% of the city's GDP, more than 70% of tax revenue, and more than 80% of employment.

Enjoying a better development environment is an important guarantee for the private economy to move towards a broader stage.

"As a growing enterprise in Taizhou, the superior business environment here is our best soil." Guo Ping, the relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Jinlong Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinlong Motor), said in an interview that over the years, Taizhou has provided a lot of assistance in the fields of enterprise quality and efficiency, reform and innovation.

As he said, in 2021, 27 cases in Taizhou City were selected into the "Typical Practices on Promoting Local Support for the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, ranking second in the country; In September 2022, the results of Zhejiang Province's 9 business environment assessment were released, and Taizhou's ease of doing business ranked first in the province...

It is understood that at present, Jinlong Motor has covered new energy vehicles, robots, CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France.

"The relevant departments in Taizhou have provided us with support and passed on policies to benefit enterprises in terms of 'specialization, refinement and innovation', Internet of Things applications, and technological transformation, and provided 2021.2022 million yuan and 156.5 million yuan in 131 and <> respectively, which boosted the company's market confidence." Guo Ping introduced.

Yan Jingfei, the relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Dingli Tianyi Auto Parts Co., Ltd., said that the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government are willing to play the role of "shop second" in creating a high-quality business environment, so that private enterprises can let go of their hands and feet, travel lightly, and devote themselves to development.

"Taizhou's concern for enterprises is reflected in the details. For example, after we moved the branch in Hangzhou back to Taizhou, the original transformer load was not enough, and the government department quickly contacted the power department to help solve it, and the transformer upgrade that normally took a week was completed in a day or two. Yan Jingfei said.

Data show that in 2022, the satisfaction rate of enterprise consultation and complaints accepted by Taizhou 12345 reached 95%; Carry out a series of service activities such as "service to solve problems, help enterprises open the door" and "1700,99 cadres to help <>,<> enterprises", and collect more than <>,<> appeals from various enterprises, with a completion rate of more than <>%......

This year's Zhejiang Provincial Government Work Report proposed to implement the "No. 8 Reform Project" of the business environment and accelerate the creation of a province with the best business environment; Accurately and efficiently implement the "4+<>" economic policy system to promote stable economic progress and quality improvement.

From the perspective of Taizhou's practice, the business environment is only better, not the best.

Yi Lianhong, Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, said at the 2023 China Private Economic Development Forum that Zhejiang will concentrate on creating the best environment for promoting the innovation and creation of the private economy, strive to provide the best services to promote the prosperity of the private economy, make every effort to open up the best track to promote the acceleration and quality of the private economy, and strive to explore the best path to promote the private economy to create common prosperity, more attentively watch over the private economy, sincerely help private enterprises, and sincerely love private entrepreneurs, so that the majority of private enterprises and private entrepreneurs can eliminate their worries and start businesses with peace of mind. Let go of the burden and go all out, travel lightly to speed up, boldly develop and grow, rekindle passion, create legends again, and strive to continue to write the new glory of the private economy and the glory of the times. (End)