The "digital password" of getting rich in the Internet celebrity village

——Science and technology empower rural revitalization in Henan

◎ Ma Aiping, reporter of this newspaper

The spring breeze is blowing, and the fertile field is recovering.

"WeChat collection 8 yuan!" In late March, reporters walked into Henan with a media group organized by the National Rural Revitalization Bureau. In the pancake shop in Xipei Village, Baibi Town, Anyang County, Anyang City, the reporter bought a bag of pancakes, and after scanning the QR code to pay, the owner Jia Jundong immediately received 3 yuan.

"This pancake shop was built in the village, and as long as I work here, I can earn 8 yuan per bag of pancakes." Jia Jundong said cheerfully.

In addition to the pancake stall, Xipei Village has also set up a research workshop, a pastoral restaurant, a children's play department and other departments. Each department is independently accounted, and the villagers invest in shares separately, and the income is immediately received according to the proportion agreed upon by the shareholders' meeting. Farmers who have invested in shares can check the daily income of the invested projects through the mobile phone, and dividends can be withdrawn at any time. Jia Haijun, secretary of the Xipei Village branch, took out his mobile phone and introduced while demonstrating.

The agricultural road digital village big data visualization platform in Xipei Village is displaying the total income of many departments in the village so far: the total amount of consumption is 1093986 yuan, and the total number of consumption transactions is 13291. The first place in the consumption list is Xipei Pig Paradise.

This pig paradise is now famous as the "Internet celebrity paradise". Walking into the park, Bama Xiangpig is performing diving, and the peacock is opening the screen...

"During the June Day period last year, Xipei Town ranked second in the hot sales list of attractions in Anyang City on Douyin for three consecutive days, selling more than 1,5 tickets, with a total flow of more than 1,30 people, and the daily net income of the village collective exceeded <>,<> yuan, driving the total income of greenhouse picking, catering and entertainment industries to exceed <>,<> yuan." Jia Haijun said.

With the digital village system, Xipei Village found the "golden key" to open the door of rural revitalization and blazed out of the road of strong village and rich people.

"Here, everyone has the final say in their affairs, and whether or not to do each project is decided by a collective vote of the entire village assembly." The digital village system is jointly built by the village collective and the tourism company, and Lu Guoqing, the person in charge of the company, said with special feelings that the openness, fairness, justice and transparency of the digital village system have completely solved the ambiguity of traditional village finance and operation, resolved the doubts of villagers, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers to participate in rural revitalization, and made villagers from the spectators of village construction into the main force.

Up to now, a total of 17 large and small projects have been developed in the village, and driven by the demonstration of party members and cadres, 101 villagers have invested in the village, accounting for 63% of the village's rural households, and 82,3 yuan of equity funds have been raised, bringing together the source of development for rural revitalization.

In this way, the collective economic income of Xipei Village has changed from 2020,10 yuan in 2021 to 48,2022 yuan in 100 to <> million yuan in <>, achieving three consecutive jumps and becoming the first batch of provincial rural revitalization pilot villages in Anyang County.

Digitally empowered, Xipei Village has developed more and more exciting projects.

The countryside is the classroom! In order to let the children in the city experience the original farming culture, Xipei Village integrates the elements of farming culture into the rural study tour. Up to now, Xipei Town has received more than 40 batches of research teams, more than 3000,10 people, and the number of tourists has exceeded <>,<>.

Walking into the pottery workshop and food workshop, I saw students from Dahan Primary School in Baibi Town making clay octopus and biscuits. Moving to the Chinese Medicine Workshop, I saw that the students were using Chinese herbs to make incense pills. When the reporter left the village, he met the children from the Xingxing Kindergarten in Lucun Town, and the team led by the teacher walked on the beautiful country road, full of laughter.