• War on the low cost AVE Ouigo joins Avlo and opens its route to Valencia

Renfe will start the commercial circulations of the new Avlo service between Madrid and Alicante this Monday, March 27, with tickets that start from 7 euros and can already be purchased on its website.

Renfe's new Avlo train service will offer four daily circulations (two in each direction) between Madrid and Alicante, which means an offer of 1,436 seats per day, as reported by the railway operator in a statement.

The four routes will stop in Albacete, and two Avlo (one in each direction) will also stop at the stations of Cuenca Fernando Zóbel and Villena Alta Velocidad.

The commercialization will be in a single class and the sale of tickets will be managed through a dynamic system that offers the best price available at all times for the requested trip.

On top of the base price, the customer can add additional services such as seat selection, changes or cancellations and additional baggage. The base price includes a free cabin suitcase and a handbag.

Children under 14 will have a basic fare of 5 euros, although this ticket must always be accompanied by the issuance of an adult ticket (a maximum of two child tickets per adult). Large families can also get discounts of 20% in case of general category and 50% for large families of special category.

The first Avlo service premiered in June 2021 between Madrid and Barcelona, with stops in Guadalajara, Calatayud, Zaragoza, Lleida and Tarragona. In February 2022, it began operations in Valencia, with stops in Cuenca and Requena-Utiel.

The company's objective is for the Avlo to stop at all stations of the main high-speed corridors in Spain, once the trains ordered from Talgo of the 106 series are received, which is expected to occur throughout 2023.

Malaga and Seville

Likewise, Renfe plans to start Avlo services in the southern corridor next June, with trains that will connect Madrid with Seville and Malaga and will have stops at all intermediate stations of each of these high-speed lines (Ciudad Real, Puertollano, Córdoba, Puente Genil and Antequera).

In principle, there will be four Avlo trains in the southern corridor: two between Madrid and Seville (one in each direction) and two between Madrid and Malaga (one in each direction), although the schedules and stops are not yet determined.

After the arrival in Andalusia, only the corridor to Galicia remains, although this will require more time, since the international track gauge only reaches Ourense and to reach the rest of Galicia you have to change trains or adapt it (the Avril de Talgo will be able to do it). For its part, the high speed to Extremadura and the Basque Country continues under construction and studies.

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