"Measures are necessary so that in the conditions of strengthening the requirements for the procedures for verification and payments on the side of correspondent banks, not to exceed the limits set by them on the number of such payments. In an ever-changing environment, we strive to provide a safe service for our customers," the press service of Raiffeisenbank explained to TASS.

It is noted that outgoing transfers in US dollars to other banks will be able to be carried out only by customers with packages of services "Premium" or "Premium 5", connected until February 28, 2023 inclusive, as well as customers of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen.

As specified, transfers in other currencies are still available to all customers, taking into account the established limits.

Raiffeisenbank from March 6 increased the minimum amount of outgoing transfer in foreign currency for individuals. It is noted that for transfers to Raiffeisen-Online, the minimum amount for each operation will be $ 10 thousand or the equivalent in another currency at the rate of the Bank of Russia on the date of registration of the transfer.