A survey conducted by a private credit bureau targeting amusement parks and aquariums nationwide found that more than 1% of the participants had raised the price of admission tickets in the past year due to rising utilities and raw materials.

Teikoku Databank surveyed 190 major amusement parks, aquariums, and zoos nationwide to investigate the price of admission tickets required to enter the facilities.

As a result, 1 facilities have raised prices in the past year, accounting for 70.36% of the total.

, 8 facilities raised the price of admission tickets, and 62 facilities raised the price of unlimited rides
and other items while keeping the admission fee unchanged.

When we summarized the 8 facilities that were able to confirm the reasons for the price increase, including multiple cases, the most common
reason was "rising utility costs" at 38 facilities, followed by
"soaring food costs and raw materials" at 27 facilities.

According to credit bureaus,
in some cases, utility costs have increased from 19.1 times to nearly three times in the past year at aquariums that require pumps that circulate water and adjust the temperature of the water, and
at amusement parks where there are many rides such as roller coasters.

In addition, the average weekday price of admission tickets is 4 yen as of April, which is 1739 yen, or 85% higher than the same month last year.

According to Teikoku Databank, "While profitability has weakened due to temporary closures and restrictions on the number of visitors due to the Corona disaster, the increase in costs has become a major burden.