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This is the People's Livelihood Investigation Bureau, which has never been seen before, and investigates the changes in people's livelihood. Focus on what you want to focus on and what you don't, investigate what you want to see and what you don't see.

China News Network, March 3 (Zhongxin Finance Zuo Yuqing) "If you want to go to the stall, do you have a small partner to make an appointment together?" ”

With the liberalization of the "stall economy", more and more young people are now joining the ranks of "street stalls". Related topics such as "nurses set up a shop part-time at a street stall for two weeks and earned 1,5 95" and "post-<> night market husband and wife stalls laughed when they calculated their income" have repeatedly appeared on hot searches, and have also made many young people who are watching and watching.

However, can young people set up street stalls achieve a "monthly income of more than 10,000"?

In a commercial street, a young man's stall reads "Set up a stall according to orders." Photo by Zuo Yuqing

The stall owner's statement: starting from 3500,200 yuan Now the overall annual income is nearly <> million

On a March night, before the spring breeze blew away the winter cold, Lele drove to a stall not far from his home to sell toys after work.

This is the second year of Lele's part-time stall operation. In June 2021, Lele, who failed in his catering business, came up with the idea of setting up a street stall to earn extra money while going to work.

"After bankruptcy in 2020, I had more than 200 million debts, and I didn't have any principal in my hand, so I wanted to find a side business while going to work." She told Zhongxin Finance that the start-up capital of her stall is 3500,<> yuan, and the reason why she chose to sell toys is because the toys are cheap, storable, and loved by children.

The location of the first stall, Lele chose to be at the door of his own community. Although he was quickly driven away by the management, Lele still tasted the sweetness of the stall: in just over ten minutes, he sold toys worth about 300 yuan. "Sold less than 10 pieces, and the net profit was about 150 yuan."

In the process of setting up the stall, Lele also did self-media. "Because I think the cost of doing self-media is relatively low, if I really don't do it, I still have an income from the stall, so the self-media can be synchronized with the stall." She said.

Soon, Lele's stall experience shared on self-media attracted a large number of fans, and many people hoped to set up stalls like Lele. Among them, there are bankruptcs with tens of millions of debts, as well as mothers who are idle at home, office workers who want to find part-time jobs and unemployed people who do not want to "lie flat".

This led Lele to discover new business opportunities: "At the beginning, I directly pushed the source to them, but then I found that more and more people were looking for me, so I began to slowly move towards the supplier. ”

Today, Lele has already paid off its debts and plans to try new investment projects. "Last year's income was almost 200 million, in addition to the 40,25 annual salary of normal work, the net income of the street stall was about <>,<>, and the supplier's shipment income should exceed one million." She said.

"Huddle" stalls: Making money is not as simple as you think

Zhongxin Finance has noticed that whether it is fans who follow Lele stalls or other young people who share their stall experience on major social platforms, "huddling" is becoming a way for young people to seek stall experience.

"Do you want to come to the stall too?" In a "net celebrity land" where young people set up stalls, Xuan (pseudonym), who is selling ice powder, asked Zhongxin Finance. Her stall is located outside the entrance of the snack street, and the stalls next to it are mostly owned by young people. On the simple small table in front of her, there were less than 10 cups of ice powder.

He told Zhongxin Finance that he has only recently begun to try to set up a stall, and usually only comes out at seven or eight o'clock in the evening. "This is the time when there is a flow of customers." When talking about whether the business is prosperous, she said: "In fact, the weather has not completely warmed up recently, so it is not suitable for selling ice powder. ”

In a commercial street, young stall owners from two stalls are communicating. Photo by Zuo Yuqing

Perhaps because he has not yet adapted, he is embarrassed to take the initiative to sell. On the contrary, a couple selling handmade pastries on the side took the initiative to help her sell ice powder: "Her ice powder is very good, the amount is sufficient and the price is low, you can taste it." ”

However, even if you are bold, making money is not an easy task. In addition to watching the sky for dinner, although many places have recently "lifted" the ban on roadside stalls, in fact, many people's stall locations are not in designated locations where stalls are allowed.

A young man who set up a stall in a snack street told Zhongxin Finance that a stall on this street requires a booth fee of 180 yuan to 200 yuan per day. "Otherwise the mall management will come and drive away."

However, some people choose not to pay the booth fee and set up a stall outside the snack street, just like the same. However, she still needs to worry about patrols by managers.

"This time has actually been driven several times, it depends on luck." She said.

Dividend release, who is making money?

In order to stimulate the vitality of urban consumption, in recent years, many places have encouraged the development of "night market economy" and "street stall economy", and a number of vivid cases of "monthly income of more than 10,000" have emerged on social platforms.

However, the ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny. After many young people set up stalls, they sighed that after "entering the pit" and becoming "real pit", who is making money?

Lele admitted to Zhongxin Finance that although he started by setting up a stall, it was self-media that allowed him to gain a stable source of customers in the supplier business. "The number of fans and broadcasts (on the platform) is not very high, so the self-media itself has no income, only about 3,<> yuan last year." But people can keep coming to you for goods, not you going to customers. ”

On a short video platform, many bloggers are peddling "stall cheats".

During the visit, Zhongxin Finance found that in addition to freshly made handmade food, many young people also choose to sell cheap small goods such as flowers, canned fish, hair accessories and so on. On some short video platforms, as long as you search for keywords such as "street stall", you will pop up related recommended videos such as "30 small businesses suitable for stalling".

While sharing the experience of street stalls, the accounts of these videos will also recommend some cheap small goods suitable for street stalls, and indicate the purchase price and available price. And when someone asked how to buy goods in the comment area, bloggers invariably said that they could message themselves privately, and some accounts even said that they could accept apprentices and set up stalls, but they needed to pay tuition.

"It's these marketing numbers that really make a lot of money." Some stall losers said so on social platforms.

Stalls are by no means "rotten" and require long-term persistence

From the dashing rhetoric of "going out to see the mood, closing the stall to see the mood", to the helpless complaint that "only 50 yuan a day, which is too far from the imagination", although many young people are rubbing their hands on the stall, but when they really try, most of them cannot cross the threshold of "novices".

"In fact, there are very few people who can stick to it, 80% of them may be fishing for three days and drying nets for two days." Lele told Zhongxin Finance that only 20% of the fans who imitate her stall can do it, and only 20% of the 5% are full-time stalls.

She said that the reason why many people have not been able to stick to it, in addition to the lack of experience in location, product selection, supply and so on, mentality is also an important reason. "In the eyes of young people, stalling is a low-end thing, and it is generally something that people over the age of forty and fifty love to do."

On a certain commercial street, two girls sell handmade cakes at a stall. Photo by Zuo Yuqing

On social platforms, many netizens also said that the meager income and frequent changes of venues in the early stage of stalls are very motivating, and it is difficult to stick to it for a long time. "The stall mode requires frequent changes, but every change of position is a mental internal friction."

What's more, they simply chose to set up a "no one to sell" stall, but they ended up being "sold". "Human nature cannot stand the test!" Some netizens commented with laughter.

In Lele's view, young people simply "following the trend" to set up stalls is not worth encouraging. "Young people should consider malleability when choosing a side hustle, stalls are just a means and way for you, and the most important thing is to discover new things through stalls." She suggested.

On the Internet, more young people are gradually facing the hard work of setting up stalls: "From the beginning of envying those stalls with good business, to now lamenting how easy it is." Pay tribute to every migrant worker who works hard for life, how many people start out for dreams and finally compromise for life. (End)