China News Network, March 3 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Xie Yiguan) Before the stepson's position was secured, the stepmother came to "seize power"?

According to media reports, recently, at the shareholders' meeting of Shanshan Shares, a "rich family battle" drama was staged, with the protagonists Zheng Ju, who had just been elected as the chairman of the company's tenth board of directors, and Zhou Ting, the widow of Zheng Yonggang.

Stepmother's "big trouble at the meeting scene", pointing directly to election violations?

In February this year, Shanshan Co., Ltd. issued an obituary that Zheng Yonggang, founder of Shanshan Enterprise and chairman of the board of Shanshan Holdings, died on February 2 at the age of 2 due to ineffective treatment of sudden heart disease.

After Zheng Yonggang left, who "took over" the business empire with a market value of tens of billions has always attracted much attention.

On March 3, Shanshan Co., Ltd. issued an announcement that the 23th meeting of the 11th Board of Directors of Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd. deliberated and passed the "Motion on Electing Mr. Zheng Ju as the Chairman of the 0th Board of Directors of the Company" with 0 votes in favor, <> votes against and <> abstentions.

Screenshot of the announcement of Shanshan shares.

However, Zheng Ju's road to succession has encountered twists and turns.

According to the International Finance News, a person familiar with the matter said that Zhou Ting, the widow of Zheng Yonggang, appeared at the meeting on the day of the meeting and alleged that the shareholders' meeting was illegal and wrong.

According to people familiar with the matter, on the afternoon of March 3, Zhou Ting appeared at the venue, as the current spouse of Zheng Yonggang and the legal guardian of her three biological children, she told the shareholders present that based on the inheritance relationship, she should become the actual controller of Shanshan shares.

In addition, people familiar with the matter said that Zhou Ting said that the board of directors deliberated on motions without their own review and consent and released them to the public, which was illegal and wrong. She believes that the board's actions have caused damage to the property and rights that she and her children should legally inherit, and also violated Zheng Yonggang's last wishes; Moreover, the complete disconnect between the governance structure of a listed company and the actual controller may have a significant adverse impact on the governance structure and standardized operation of Shanshan Shares, which in turn will trigger compliance risks of the listed company.

The report also mentioned that Zhou Ting was a TV host and had 3 children after marriage with Zheng Yonggang. Zheng Ju, who was elected as the tenth chairman this time, is his mother Zheng Yonggang's ex-wife. It is said that after Zheng Yonggang's death, Shanshan asked Zhou Ting for advice on the candidate for a director, and Zhou Ting also explicitly requested that she fill the vacant board seat after Zheng Yonggang's death.

After the matter fermented, on the 25th, a relevant person of Shanshan Co., Ltd. responded to "Zhejiang Business", "There are no violations and errors alleged in relevant reports in this election, and it is legal and valid." ”

Once said that "the company must want a son to take over"

Zheng Yonggang, known as the "clothing king", started from a garment factory on the verge of bankruptcy, not only led Shanshan to become the first listed company in China's garment industry, but also deployed corporate strategic transformation, and successively laid out in the fashion industry, lithium battery new energy materials, optical display materials and other fields.

As his son, Zheng Ju also entered Shanshan early.

According to public information, Zheng Ju was born in 1991, began to attend a full-day kindergarten at the age of three, went abroad to study in high school, until he returned to China after graduating from college, and then entered Shanshan Enterprise.

The picture shows Zheng Ju. The picture comes from the "Shanshan Tong" WeChat public account.

In 2015, Zheng Ju began to serve as the president of Shanshan Holdings, responsible for investment, medical treatment, tourism and other businesses, and focused on participating in the decision-making management of Shanshan lithium battery business.

With Zheng Yonggang gradually retiring into the background, Shanshan Holdings, the core platform of Shanshan Holdings, has been the legal representative and chairman of Zheng Yonggang's son Zheng Ju since 2018, and in September 2019, Zheng Ju became a director and deputy general manager (vice president) of Shanshan Group, and then promoted to general manager (president) of Shanshan Group in January 9.

From the timeline, Zheng Ju's "succession road" is walking steadily, and Zheng Yonggang's "escort" is naturally indispensable behind it.

In October 2018, Zheng Yonggang spoke in an interview with Zhejiang Business about corporate succession: "I am training my son (Zheng Ju) to take over. My son grew up in Shanghai and is now the president of the company, just to learn to take over. I openly said at the staff meeting that the company definitely wanted my son to take over. I am very traditional, I am a farmer, and my philosophy is: if my son is born in my family, he should inherit it. ”

According to media reports, Zheng Yonggang did not hesitate to praise his son's performance in public. He said his son is now only about 30 years old, but he is completely "old-fashioned". "If you see him, you can see that he is not born into a rich family. Growing up, his son developed the values of hardship and simplicity, and many Zhejiang businessmen said that Zheng Ju made them envious, because it was indeed difficult to endure hardships like this. ”

In 2021, Shanshan achieved an operating income of 207.151 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.33%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 4.23 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2022 times. In 29, the global market share of Shanshan polarizer will increase to 20%, and the world's first lead will be further expanded; Shipments of artificial graphite exceeded <>,<> tons, ranking first in the world.

On March 3, the share price of Shanshan shares closed at 24.17 yuan, with a market value of 50.396 billion yuan. As of September 2, the company's total assets reached a record high, reaching 2022.9 billion yuan.

However, how to calm this "control dispute" storm may be something that Shanshan shares urgently needs to solve at present. (End)