Guangzhou, March 3 ( -- The "24th China Cultural Tourism New Marketing Summit" and the China Cultural Tourism Pioneer Award Ceremony were held in Guangzhou on the 24th. With the theme of "Day Does Not Understand the Darkness of Night", the summit aims to explore the development direction of "Chinese-style night economy".

In recent years, China's "night economy" consumption has risen, which is not only material consumption, but also cultural consumption. For example, Changsha's "night economy" has not only opened up a new road for city brand building, but also become a new model for local cultural tourism development. Chen Gang, chairman of the Changsha CPPCC, said in his keynote speech that behind Changsha's night economy, it is actually to make the dinner table into culture and turn culture into new consumption. He believes that the night economy is the popularity of the city, the vigorous commercial atmosphere, the joy of the people, and the strength of a city.

Liu Xu, Chairman of China Commercial Bank's Commercial Operation Management Company, interpreted the business logic behind a series of "City that Never Sleeps" such as "Northeast City That Never Sleeps" and "Nanning Never Sleeps City" with the theme of "Why Can the City That Never Sleeps from the North to the South". He pointed out that the series of products in the city that never sleeps is to quickly detonate the regional economy at low cost: one street revitalizes one city, one street promotes a hundred industries; Doing a good job and bringing a city on fire is the "core secret" of the city that never sleeps.

With the dual drive of cultural tourism performance innovation and tourists' demand for in-depth experience of destinations, the demand of tourism consumers is no longer "watching flowers", but more and more attention to the experience of cultural scenes. Xiong Xiaojie, chairman of Times Cultural Tourism, said in his speech "New Cultural Tourism Era" that "new" is the keyword, new demand, new products, and building a "new cultural tourism" era.

The guests also pointed out that with the improvement of people's living standards and the demand for high-quality vacations, the products of urban tours will be more segmented and personalized.

The summit also awarded the "China Cultural Tourism Pioneer Award" to recognize new formats and new species of cultural tourism. 360 projects including Chang'an 40 o'clock theme block, Dalian Xiongdong Street, Northeast Never Sleeps City, Apollonia, Luoyang Supreme Longmen Immersive Experience Hall, Grandview Tang Thousand Lantern Festival, Forest Sea Tourism Resort, Tianren Landscape and Water Land Art Park, THE SILOS Big Silo Metaverse Experience Field, "This is Wuxi" <>° Full Immersion Guochao Block, Star Music× Lion Youth Immersive Reality Experience Area, and Environmental Suspense Drama "Cethia" won awards. (End)