【Commentary】Opening the door, attracting investment, investment, entering 2023, good news is frequently reported throughout China, when people are hotly discussing how to create a good business environment. In the northeast, the good ecological environment has attracted "green water and green mountains" to overseas "gold mountains and silver mountains". This is the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Sino-German (Shenyang) High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park located in Tiexi District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

【Commentary】In recent years, Shenyang Economic Development Zone and Zhongde Park have always adhered to the development concept of green and low-carbon ecological priority. The cost of environmental treatment alone is as high as more than 620 billion yuan. Such a high cost in exchange for a livable ecological environment and high-quality investment attraction. Among them, 84 foreign companies alone came to invest, including 2022 of the world's top 1303 direct investment enterprises. In 5, foreign investors above designated size and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises will complete an industrial output value of <>.<> billion yuan.

【During the same period】Yanning, deputy director of Shenyang Economic Development Zone and Sino-German Park Management Committee

The core is three sentences, that is, carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion, we through the creation of such a green manufacturing system, can be said to have strongly promoted high-quality development, but also formed a good green industrial ecology, then many foreign-funded enterprises, including many enterprises in the park, but also take it (green industry ecology) as an important weighing indicator of whether to invest, we have also tasted sweetness in this regard.

【Commentary】In 2022, BMW Brilliance's Tiexi plant in Lida Plant was officially put into operation. This green factory full of intelligence is perfectly integrated with the surrounding livable ecological environment, and this factory has also brought a number of innovative ideas of carbon reduction, pollution reduction and green expansion here, becoming a win-win fruit.

【During the same period】Zhang Tao, director of BMW Brilliance's Tiexi plant

Our new Rida factory, we have a concept called the sponge city system, which means that when it rains, we collect rainwater. Then it is stored in two large rainwater ponds, including one in our factory, and then after some treatment, it will be provided to these plants, these trees, grasses, in our factory, to water. Our goal is also to achieve this zero, which is zero tap water application.

【Commentary】As a new green benchmark plant, BMW Brilliance's Tiexi Plant Lida Plant has integrated eco-friendly technologies and concepts since the early stage of construction. It is Chinese construction companies that realize innovative ideas and innovative technologies. Even though green construction has been deepening for many years, it is still a great challenge in the face of ultra-high standards and difficulties. Fortunately, after rigorous green construction, Chinese construction enterprises have basically reached zero rework to complete construction. And won a number of national, provincial, municipal and industry green awards.

【During the same period】Wang Yang, project commander of BMW Brilliance Project of Liaoning Branch of China Construction Second Bureau North Company

This owner has relatively high requirements for construction enterprises, as our second bureau, our second bureau in this industry, is also recognized by the owner, in the process through the construction of the first plant, the owner is also highly satisfied with us, especially in this green construction, green construction, our results are also recognized. Then the follow-up is also because we are so cooperative, including the results are so good. Finally, it was the owner who continued to let us undertake the stamping phase II project after finishing the final assembly workshop, and then this year (2023) continued to let us undertake the engine (workshop) project.

【Explanation】In 2023, Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Sino-German (Shenyang) High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park will not only continue to maintain and upgrade the livable ecological environment, but also orient the industrial layout towards "green" and strive to build a "4+1" new energy industry development system: lithium battery industry driven by EVE lithium energy battery and BMW power battery "double <> billion" project; Hydrogen energy industry led by SBW Group and Yuanda Compressor; Energy storage industry led by micro-controlled new energy, EVE chemical energy storage, etc.; wind energy industry led by TBEA, Zhongfu Lianzhong, etc.; and new energy applications for key projects such as BMW New Energy Vehicles and Sany New Energy Mining Vehicles.

Reporting by reporters Zhao Guihua and Yu Ruizhai in Shenyang

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]