All have achieved steady growth Cloud computing has become the main driver of growth

As of the evening of March 3, the 23 annual reports of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have all been released. The revenue and net profit of the three companies have increased, and cloud computing has become the main driver of growth.

The data shows that in 2022, the operating income of the three major operators will reach a total of 1.7 trillion yuan, an average increase of 9.8%, the revenue of the main communication business will be 1.5 trillion yuan, an average increase of 8.0%, and the net profit will be close to 1700 billion, an average increase of 8.7%; Among them, China Mobile's revenue and growth ranked first among the three. Compared with the solid overall performance, the cloud computing business of the three major operators has accelerated. According to the financial report, the cloud business of the three operators will exceed 2022 billion in 1400, and the cloud business growth rate of the three operators will exceed 100%, far exceeding the industry average. China Mobile's mobile cloud has achieved major breakthroughs in key technologies such as cloud computing operating systems, China Telecom's Tianyi cloud has become the world's largest operator cloud, and Unicom Cloud has doubled growth.

New infrastructure construction accelerates to promote the development of the digital economy

It can be seen from the data of operators' annual reports that emerging services such as data centers, cloud computing, and big data account for an increasing proportion of telecom business revenue, becoming an important growth point for telecom business revenue. At the same time, these new tracks are driving digitalization across industries.

According to the annual report data, the three major operators continued to maintain a relatively large investment in digital infrastructure in 2022, and the total capital expenditure of operators reached 3500 billion, an increase of 4.1%.

Cui Kai, Assistant Research Director of IDC (International Data Corporation) China: 2022 should be the peak of 5G construction, China's three major operators 5G investment reached 1600 billion, the number of new base stations increased by more than 30%, the entire year reached 85,4 base stations, which is also a new high in the past three years of 5G commercialization.

The construction of new infrastructure has accelerated, and the ability to drive the development of China's digital economy has been significantly enhanced. The data center with a total investment of 36.<> billion yuan is located in Jinan, Shandong Province, and is the largest single data center with the strongest network capabilities in East China. As a first-level node, the data center has achieved interconnection with node resource pools in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places.

Fang Chao, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile (Jinan, Shandong) Data Center: Through this localized deployment, our users can access the background server in the shortest path, so as to enjoy the fastest network speed and the lowest latency. In addition, in the national strategy of "counting from east to west", it can also play a role in the scheduling and processing of massive data.

At present, this newly opened data center has settled in more than 180 customers across the country, and the northern sub-center of the national health and medical big data center with hundreds of millions of people has settled here.

Deng Xiaoning, general manager of North Health Medical Big Data Technology Co., Ltd.: The center has a huge storage and computing power guarantee, and the security level is very high, and it can cooperate with the main center to ensure the security and development of medical big data, and escort the market-oriented exploration of data elements and the rapid development of the industry. (CCTV News Client)