The good time for camping is approaching, but this year's camping market is a bit cooler compared to last year's boom. As of March 3, many campsites, including Pinggu Jinhai Lake and Huairou Dobu Camp, have opened early bird pre-sales, but after the resumption of inter-provincial travel and the resumption of outbound travel, the source of local camping customers has been diverted. Some merchants who once wanted to share the camping market have also quit the track and returned to their "old business". At present, the new regulations for camping in Beijing are about to come out, "wild spot" camping will be restricted, and the extensive development of the camping industry will also return to rationality.


The only time left for camping is weekends

"To be honest, our family's outings this year will not be focused on camping." Zhang Qing, who spent nearly 5000,<> yuan to buy camping equipment last year, said when connecting with a reporter from Beijing Business Daily, "Outbound travel has resumed, and I plan to take my family abroad this year." ”

"At present, 'Qingming' only has a one-day holiday, and 'May Day' five-day holiday plans to take a long-distance trip. If your kids like it, they'll have to go camping for the weekend. Zhang Qing said.

Zhang Qing also has the same idea as the Cherry (pseudonym) family. Cherry, who works in the travel industry, said, "Since the resumption of outbound travel, I have been very busy and my children have gone to school normally. Now, the only time you can go camping in the suburbs is on weekends. When the child is on summer vacation, we also plan to take him abroad to have a look."

With more than a month to go before the May Day holiday, many popular hotels and homestays in popular domestic destinations have begun to become "difficult to find", compared with relatively few tourists who book camping products.

"Last year, camping was really hot, and many popular campsites couldn't be booked days in advance. That's when we bought a lot of camping equipment ourselves, let's see when it comes in handy this year. Zhang Qing said.


Single packages will be affected

Recently, campsites including Jinhai Lake and Dobu Camp have opened early bird pre-sale activities. Zheng Shuai, channel operation manager of Dobu Camp, told Beijing Business Daily: "The early bird tickets we sell now are cheaper than last year, and more than 200 tickets have been sold so far. However, due to the relatively cold weather, there are currently fewer orders for 'bag check-in' products, mainly on weekends. The relevant person in charge of Jinhai Lake camping also said that the weather is still cold recently, and there are not many tourists camping on weekends.

In the past three years, the camping industry has been in full swing with the rise of the local tourism market. This year's resumption of outbound travel and the resumption of inter-provincial travel have also allowed tourists who could only focus on local tourism to go far away. "Long holidays can have a certain impact on business." Zhu Zhipeng, co-founder of WayWin Xiangguo Camping, believes that "on holidays with more holiday days such as 'May Day' and summer vacation, tourists tend to travel across provinces or abroad, which will definitely cause diversion to the camping market, and relatively single campsites will be seriously affected, and campsites with relatively rich supporting facilities will be relatively little affected." ”

Talking about the diversion of tourists this year, Li Yanjing, general manager of Beijing Elephant Ludao Campsite and Haitang Symbiosis Campground, said: "In fact, the camp will also make up for the loss of individual tourists by receiving some units and companies to expand and build teams, and it is expected that the passenger flow will be relatively stable in the future." ”

Han Jie, chairman of CYTS Aoyou Technology Development Co., Ltd., said in an interview with a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that the recovery of outbound tourism and inter-provincial travel is a new test for this year's camping market, whether it can break through the layers of pressure and still occupy part of the market, and it is also necessary to optimize the content of camping products themselves to make products that can better meet the needs of current customers.


Choose to go back to the "old business"

The market has suddenly changed, and some merchants have also made adjustments in advance - exit.

When the Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted Tong Tong (pseudonym), the founder of the Bearsky brand who had previously done exquisite camping, she was busy communicating with overseas ground contacts. Bearski, who was famous in the camping circle in the previous two years, has now chosen to quit the camping track.

"It's a pity that instead of continuing to do it on the camping track, we chose to return to the 'old profession' of travel agency." Tong Tong said with a little regret, "In fact, before the epidemic, we had been doing outbound travel business, and most of our resources were overseas. With the resumption of outbound travel this year, returning to outbound travel will be more suitable for us. ”

"After the camping market ushered in a big outbreak last year, the entire camping industry became very 'rolled', with capital bringing capital in, and those without capital also entering directly. But in fact, it is very difficult to do a good job and become bigger, and in the end, some companies have chosen to leave the market. The overall conditions of camping are relatively difficult, and not all businesses are suitable for doing it. ”

Tong Tong further said, "Schonsky can clearly feel that the restart of outbound travel has ignited the travel demand of many consumers, in fact, everyone is more yearning for the suburban economy."

Equipment dealers

A true dividend reaper

"In the past two years, with the popularity of camping, everyone has rushed into the camping market, in fact, after testing the water, you will find that camping equipment manufacturers are the party that reaps dividends." A former campsite operator admitted.

According to the 2022 annual performance pre-increase announcement issued by Mu Gaodi, it is expected that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2022 will be 1 million to 33 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.45% to 69.18%. Mu Gaodi also said that in 84, the domestic outdoor camping industry will show explosive growth, and exquisite camping has become one of the hottest leisure lifestyles of the young generation. The company seizes the industry opportunity to ride on the momentum. During the reporting period, benefiting from the increase in terminal demand, coupled with the continuous development of the company's own brand business in terms of product power, brand power and channel power, the company achieved rapid growth in revenue and net profit.

Zhu Zhipeng helped the Beijing Business Daily reporter calculate an account: "Under normal circumstances, the yield of camping should be greater than the supply chain. Generally, the cost of a camp is about 30% of the infrastructure, 40% of the equipment and 30% of the operation. Since the cost of construction costs vary from site to campsite, the final benefits are different. However, each camp operator needs to buy equipment, and the more operators, the competition will be greater, and the revenue will fluctuate, but the equipment manufacturer has been making steady profits. ”


Under the rules, return to rationality

After the heat subsides, the camping market will gradually return to rationality.

The previous hot camping market also caused some safety and health problems. In August last year, after a flash flood at the Internet celebrity attraction "Longcaogou" killed seven people, many netizens were worried about whether it was safe to camp in the "wild Internet celebrity check-in place". Previously, according to polar news reports, some netizens posted that after camping on the shore of Paradise Lake, some tourists left garbage everywhere, in addition to food packaging bags and beverage bottles, and even deflated inflatable boats, gas canisters, etc. The various chaos of camping not only discourages tourists, but also makes how to regulate development a topic of concern in the industry.

In February this year, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism issued an announcement on the "Opinions on Standardizing and Guiding the Development of Tent Campsites (Trial)" to solicit public opinions, which clearly stated that the daily safety management of tent campsites should be strengthened, tent camping activities should be carried out for "wild scenic spots" that are not officially developed and opened to receive tourists, lack of security, and private "scenic spots" that operate in violation of regulations, and that tent campsites set up in prohibited areas and tent campsites that do not have safe use conditions should be cleaned up and patrolled and strengthened. Prevent market entities and individuals from arbitrarily setting up tents and carrying out tent camping in violation of regulations. Previously, many places across the country have studied and introduced relevant camping industry specifications, so that China's extensive camping industry has a trend of accelerating the "refinement" development.

The new regulations are about to be introduced, which is good news for the hot wilderness of enterprises at the head of the industry. In the view of Zhu Xian, founder and CEO of the hot wilderness, the introduction of new regulations for the development of the camping industry to further standardize the benign development of the industry, and the restriction of non-compliant camping such as "wild spots" is undoubtedly beneficial to the industry's leading enterprises, and the camping economy will return to rationality.

In November last year, the State General Administration of Sports and other eight departments jointly issued the "Outdoor Sports Industry Development Plan (11-2022)", which proposed to build 2025,2025 outdoor sports camps of various types by 10000. "From the industrial level, the state still supports the development of the camping industry. It's just that camping enterprises need to develop to high quality in the future. Zhu Xian said.

"Recently, a number of relevant regulations for the camp industry have been released one after another, which will make some non-compliant camps withdraw from the market. From the general trend, even if the popularity of this year's camping market may not be as hot as last year, due to the popularity of camping in previous years, the 'education' of most people has been completed, and the group of people who are really interested in camping and outdoor can still support the continued normal development of this industry. Li Yanjing said.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Wu Qiyun/Wen Guan Zichen/Photo