Per reporter Bao Jingjing

The long-dormant second-hand housing market in Hangzhou has finally waited for the recovery market.

In February this year, the number of online signatures in Hangzhou reached 2,7396 sets, an increase of 1% from January, reaching the highest value in 133 months since June 2021.

However, since March, news about the sale of a large number of second-hand houses in Hangzhou and the cutting of meat by landlords in the future science and technology city has also begun to spread. According to China Entrepreneur, "Those who used to sell 3 characters now only start with 8." Talking about the second-hand housing prices in the future science and technology city of Hangzhou's star plate, a local intermediary in Hangzhou sighed, "I'm talking about the best communities here, 6,8 fell back to 6,<>." ”

"Don't think about making a lot of money investing, it's not advisable. I can recommend you to go to the new lottery, but I hope you are still a little more rational. Zhou Tianming, an intermediary of the future science and technology city of Hangzhou's Internet celebrity plate, responded to the reporter with persuasion.

It had risen 200 million in the month before

Now it's down 2,<> per square meter

The doubling of volume did not keep the price moving higher in sync.

The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that second-hand housing in Hangzhou in February rose slightly by 2.0% month-on-month, and still fell by 4.1% year-on-year.

On the one hand, unlike Shanghai, where tens of millions of luxury homes are sold out, Hangzhou is still a rigid demand market this year. But on the other hand, the more profitable the area, the more obvious the price slide.

The net red plate in the net red plate - the three brothers of Future Science and Technology City (Sunshine City Future Yue, Zhongnan Yue Fu, Dongyuan Yin Future), of which Sunshine City Future Yue is also the worst decline in 2022, having dropped by nearly 100 million yuan in half a year.

According to the "Daily Economic News" previously reported, when the second-hand housing rose rapidly in 2021, the 120-square-meter apartment type of Sunshine City Future Yue rose by nearly 200 million yuan in a month. But then, in the words of the intermediary, "fell into an accident."

According to the historical transaction data released by the Lianjia platform, Sunshine City Future Yue sold a set of 2 square meters and 8 rooms on February 89, with a price of 3.370 million yuan.

"The decoration of this apartment was separated from the parking space at that time, and the actual transaction price was more than that, and the final transaction was 425.9 million yuan, but the house itself was a set of second floors along the street, and the price was low." Zhou Tianming said, "I just recently sold a house on the ninth floor of the second phase, with the exact same unit type, 490.<> million yuan, in addition to the buyer to bear the tax. ”

However, the transaction price is not representative of the trend. "Sunshine City Future Yue has been more transacted in the second phase since 2023, which is originally higher than the first phase of decoration standards, and the location of the building is better, so the price itself is a little higher."

Another Internet celebrity project, the "6,3 people shake" Xixi Mansion, has already sold 7 houses in March, but the decline is not small. "After Xixi Mansion received the real estate certificate, many people took it out and sold it, and the unit price was close to 5,5 yuan / square meter at that time, and from June 2021 to now, it has fallen by nearly 6,1-5,2 yuan per square meter."

For the grand situation of the Xixi Mansion, according to the "Daily Economic News" previously reported, "Online room selection, a number of 2 minutes to consider the time." If the timeout has not been selected, the number is invalid and the next is postponed. "When the reporter asked to visit the model room as a house watcher, he was told that there was no model room, and the customer chose a room according to the room type map and the location of the sand table. Faced with the reporter's puzzlement, the real estate consultant persuaded, "If you want to arrive, choose the house in order, if the room type is not satisfied, buy it if you want to, forget it if you don't buy it." In fact, this kind of quasi-existing house does not matter, you will sell it when you hand over the house, and make a luxury car steadily. ”

Centaline real estate market analyst Lu Wenxi pointed out: "The current market heat is basically exchanged for price for volume, and does not have any premise of price increase. ”

There is a large backlog of visitors

Falling house prices due to the relocation of large factories?

February listings increased by 2% month-on-month and 268% year-on-year, and was also the highest monthly listing volume for 47 consecutive months since May 2021. However, the surge in listings does not mean selling, and the number of customers also increased by 5% month-on-month in February and 22% year-on-year, equivalent to the number of customers in May 2.

The volume of buying and selling bands reached the peak in June 2021, up 6% month-on-month and 255% year-on-year.

Shell Research pointed out that due to a large backlog of customers entering the market, inventory listings were activated by the market recovery.

Regarding whether the market heat can be sustained, Lu Wenxi analyzed: "The market flexibility of second-tier cities is still relatively large, and basically all the favorable policies are out. For example, in Nanjing, regional purchase restrictions and loan restrictions have been loosened to the greatest extent, so the flexibility is greater. On the other hand, second-tier cities have a relatively large population and a better industrial structure, which is much better than the third and fourth tiers, so I think this follow-up can still go a way. ”

But in the future, market differentiation is an inevitable trend.

"First-tier and second-tier cities have great flexibility and good trading volume, Xiaoyangchun can continue to do so, and the third-tier and fourth-tier may be more embarrassing." In fact, in addition to the city, the internal plate differentiation of the city is also very large. For example, the future science and technology city sector, which fluctuates greatly, although the amount is good, is basically exchanged for price for volume. Lu Wenxi thought.

"Now the transaction trend is very stable, it has been hot for two consecutive months, and the number of online signatures every day is very stable, there is little hope of falling, but the increase is relatively limited." Zhou Tianming said.

Lu Qilin, research director of 58 Anjuke Research Institute, previously believed in an interview with the media that after the relocation of nearby Internet factories, the average listing price data of second-hand houses in the future science and technology city fell month by month, which had a relatively large short-term impact on the short-term housing prices of the sector.

"But in the long run, the development of the future science and technology city sector has been relatively mature, even if Ali withdraws, new enterprises will settle in, and the related industries serving Ali have landed in this sector, and it is impossible to move away collectively in the short term." Lu Qilin emphasized, "Therefore, it will not have a huge impact on the housing prices of the future science and technology city sector in the long term." ”

In addition, judging from the market sentiment trend of first- and second-tier cities and Hangzhou for two consecutive years, the confidence of owners has weakened compared with the end of January, and has not reached the same period index in 2.

"The follow-up market can only be said to be slowly rising from the lowest trough, and there is a restorative market. Not particularly bad, not particularly good. After this amount is stabilized first, the price is basically discovered. It may be that there will be a short-term decline after the high point in the first half of the year, and the second quarter is likely to be such a trend of volume and price stabilization. Lu Wenxi judged.