Securities Times reporter Li Wenqing

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Recently, the news that Hengtai Securities entrusted headhunting to find a new president spread in the circle. Coincidentally, a few days ago, Essence Securities also planned to recruit a deputy general manager in the field of proprietary investment or asset management in a public market.

In February this year, Huaan Securities released the large-scale recruitment of "one chief and five deputies", including the general manager, which attracted the attention of the industry.

Industry insiders believe that under the background of the transformation of the securities industry, executives with rich experience and excellent management capabilities have become the talent resources that securities firms are competing for. Securities firms hope to bring in executives from the outside, change the internal business form, and break through the bottleneck of the company's business development.

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Recently, after changing major shareholders, Niu Zhuang, former president of Hengtai Securities, left to transform into a Douyin "Internet celebrity", currently named "Niu De Lynch" on Douyin, with 123.<> million Douyin fans, mainly analyzing financial events and sharing financial story content. The position of president is concurrently held by the new chairman, and Hengtai Securities is currently looking for suitable candidates for president through headhunting and other channels.

Essence Securities has also recently publicly searched for a suitable deputy general manager. Essence Securities recently announced that in order to further strengthen the construction of Essence Securities' cadre talent team, optimize the structure of the management team, build a high-quality and professional management team, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the company, according to the needs of operation and management, one deputy general manager is openly recruited to be in charge of proprietary securities investment or asset management business.

In terms of remuneration, Essence Securities said that it provides market-competitive remuneration according to the salary level of the market.

It is worth mentioning that in the conditions for the proposed recruitment of deputy general managers, Essence Securities is also required to have engaged in securities work for more than 5 years, or engaged in financial work for more than 8 years, served as the head of the department of a large securities company or the general manager of subsidiaries or branches or above for 2 years, or served as the head of the department of other large financial institutions or the general manager of subsidiaries or branches or above for 4 years.

In 2022, the stock and bond markets will fluctuate to varying degrees, and the performance of securities firms will generally decline, and Essence Securities is no exception, especially affected by the investment business, which is somewhat related to the deputy general manager in charge of proprietary investment to be recruited this time.

According to the unaudited financial report data of Essence Securities, in 2022, the company achieved operating income of 95.88 billion yuan and net profit of 26.13 billion yuan, down 22.69% and 38.44% year-on-year, respectively. It is understood that the sharp decline in Essence Securities' performance in 2022 is also related to the investment business. According to the unaudited financial report, the company lost 2022 million yuan in investment income in 5, compared with 56.2021 billion yuan in 23.

In addition to general manager Wang Lianzhi and deputy general manager and board secretary Liu Chunliang, Liao Xiaofei, deputy general manager in charge of investment banking, and Wei Feng, who is in charge of wealth management and institutional business, are executives promoted in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Popular market-oriented recruitment

In recent years, compared with internal promotion, securities firms seem to prefer market-oriented recruitment of executives, stimulating the internal "catfish effect". In February this year, Huaan Securities' market-oriented open recruitment also attracted attention.

On February 2, Huaan Securities issued an announcement on the selection and employment of professional managers, showing that in view of the term of office of the company's third board of directors and the expiration of the employment period of professional managers, in order to further deepen the reform of the professional manager system and establish and improve the market-oriented selection and employment mechanism, professional managers are selected and hired for the society, including 6 general manager and 1 deputy general managers.

Among them, the general manager is responsible for the overall daily operation and management of the company, and the five deputy general managers are in charge of wealth management business, investment banking business, securities proprietary and derivatives business, asset management business and equity investment business, basically covering the main business lines of securities companies.

In terms of specific job conditions, Huaan Securities requires applicants to have more than 10 years of cumulative working experience in financial enterprises, understand the current situation and development trend of the securities industry, and be familiar with the operation and management of securities enterprises.

In addition, applicants for general manager positions must hold the position of deputy general manager or above of securities or fund companies, and have experience in the main person in charge of more than 2 positions such as wealth management, securities proprietary and derivatives, asset management, and investment banking; Those who apply for the position of deputy general manager must have the qualifications of senior management personnel of securities or fund companies, and have served as the main responsible person of the operating institution (department) for at least 3 years.

Looking back at the market-oriented recruitment of senior executives by securities firms in recent years, in addition to the above-mentioned Hengtai Securities, Essence Securities and Huaan Securities, other cases including China Merchants Securities, Guosen Securities, Sichuan Finance Securities, Great Wall Securities, Bohai Securities, Hualong Securities, Caida Securities, Zhongyuan Securities, Guoxin Securities, etc., have all had market-oriented recruitment of senior executives.