Sanming, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) (Lei Chaoliang) On the 23nd, the Reform Office of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee released a typical case of integrated reform in the province, and the case of exploring the "three-invoice system" integrated reform in Shaxian District of Sanming City to revitalize rural idle resource assets was promoted.

Shaxian is the hometown of snacks in China, with more than 6,<> people going out to operate snacks, accounting for more than two-thirds of the rural labor force. In recent years, Shaxian District has deeply practiced the concept of "green mountains and green water are priceless treasures", taken the opportunity of being included in the pilot project of provincial county integrated reform, taken the revitalization of rural resource elements as the entry point, explored the implementation of the "three-invoice system" (that is, "housing tickets", "land tickets" and "forest tickets") rural property rights system reform, and integrated and leveraged the three-level rural property rights trading market of "district and village" by giving play to the three major effects of "policy, finance and market", and constantly explored the transformation channel of "two mountains".

Explore the issuance of "room tickets" and revitalize "room" resources. Guide village collectives or villagers to develop, construct and operate idle farm houses by professional cooperatives, enterprises and villagers by themselves by investing in shares or leasing, so as to increase the property income of farmers. At present, three modes have been initially formed: independent development of village collectives, entrepreneurial development of village sages and young people, and development by merchants with capital. Songlin Village, Xiamao Town, the district, issued the first "room ticket".

Explore the reform of "land tickets" (cultivated land) and revitalize "land" resources. Guide village collective economic organizations and villagers to transfer land operation rights in the form of equity or lease, and the two parties to cooperate will issue "land tickets" (cultivated land) according to a certain share, clarify the equity ratio, power and income dividend methods, and promote the economical and intensive use of rural land.

Make full use of the indicators linked to the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land, mobilize village-level organizations or villagers to withdraw from idle rural collective construction land with compensation, exchange "land tickets" (idle rural collective construction land) according to the corresponding indicators, and carry out transactions such as "land for money", "land for land" and "land for housing" to promote the development of new-type urbanization. Changfu Village, Xiamao Town, completed the signing of a paid withdrawal agreement for 1.3 mu of homestead and issued the first "land ticket" in the region.

Promote the "four-in-one" cooperative business model and revitalize "forest" resources. The district encourages townships (towns, sub-districts), village collectives and villagers to cooperate with state-owned forest farms to promote the mixed ownership forestry sharing economy model of equity sharing, operation and management, capital sharing and common income, with a cooperative operation area of more than 11,8 mu.

Innovate the issuance of "forest tickets", guide state-owned forest farms and others to cooperate with village collective economic organizations and members, and issue equity (shares) "forest ticket" certificates according to investment shares. At present, 12 business entities in 99 townships have issued 9213.<> million yuan of forest tickets.

Shaxian District takes the free circulation of rural resources such as "people, land, and money" as a breakthrough point, gives play to policy superposition, financial support, and economic value-added effects, and continues to release reform dividends.

In the reform of "land tickets", policies such as the reclamation of construction land and the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land are integrated and used, and collective operation land is entered into the market, and the policy of "pilot project of centralized construction of new rural residential communities" is superimposed, and mechanisms such as "cross-village joint construction" are implemented to build a "dual position" pattern within and outside the village, so as to realize the sharing of public service resources such as education, medical care, and pension, complement each other's advantages, and develop in groups, so that the people can "move, stabilize, and get rich".

In terms of "forest tickets", collective mountain and forest resource assets in the form of quantitative equity will be securitized, the inclusive forestry financial service product "Golden Forest Loan" will be launched, and green financial service outlets will be set up to provide loans for the pilot villages of "forest tickets". At present, Shaxian Rural Commercial Bank has granted 5 million yuan in "Jinlin loans" to 10 villages in 4 townships and towns.

In terms of "housing tickets" and "land tickets", the financing function can be added as expected rights and interests, and loans pledged to financial institutions are used to develop industries and promote the healthy development of rural property rights transactions.

The "Implementation Rules for the Registration and Transaction of Forest Tickets in Shaxian County" was promulgated to promote the trading of "forest tickets" held by members of village collective economic organizations in the rural property rights trading center of Fujian Shaxian County, and state-owned forest farms paid 3% of the annual simple interest on forest tickets to protect the rights and interests of villagers. The pilot villages of the "forest ticket" reform can increase forestry income by 7,3 yuan per year, and each villager can increase his income by 160 yuan.

Encourage all kinds of market entities to participate in the revitalization and utilization of rural homesteads (farm houses), gradually cultivate and form a "land ticket" and "housing ticket" market with stable demand, value-added expectations and multi-party benefits, and promote the flow and integrated development of urban and rural factors.

In addition, Shaxian District has built an open and standardized three-level rural property rights circulation and trading market system of "district and village" through improving district-level rural property rights circulation trading platforms, establishing township rural property rights service centers, and setting up village-level service points for rural property rights transactions, and jointly leveraged the "three-level market".

At present, Shaxian District has completed 369 rural property rights transactions with a transaction amount of 2 million yuan; completed 5 cases of property rights verification of management rights and agricultural facilities and equipment, and 63 mortgage loans of 158.4990 million yuan for business rights and agricultural facilities and equipment. (End)