"A customer of the store who has recently received an order is given a refund. Immediately a message is received allegedly from a representative of the store - they ask to send them money, because the return was made by mistake. "Employee" gives details for the transfer. And if you send funds - then they will go to the wallet of scammers, "the Telegram channel of the credit institution says.

"Sber" recommends Russians not to enter into a dialogue if an unknown person wrote to them, posing as an employee of the store, but to contact the company by numbers from the official website.

Earlier, VTB Bank warned customers about a new fraudulent scheme.

The credit institution said that the attackers call the bank's customers who had previously suffered from scammers, and offer them to get a job in search of criminals, promising a monthly income.

"Customers are used as a dropper, that is, they transfer the stolen money to his bank card and are forced to follow further instructions for the "rescue" of funds, and in fact - the illegal cashing out of other people's money," the official report said.

VTB stressed that it takes an active part in working with the Central Bank of Russia to counter droppers and considers it necessary to strengthen control over individuals and companies to whose accounts the funds stolen by fraudsters are withdrawn.