【Commentary】Spring is getting warmer, and everything is renewed. Greeting the gentle spring breeze, people not only feel the spring atmosphere, but also drive the "spring economy" to continue to heat up.

【Commentary】It is the season of spring vegetables on the market, in a supermarket in Beijing, seasonal vegetables such as malantou and wild aloe have occupied the "C position" on the shelf, and the Qingming seasonal food Qingtuan is also on the market early.

【During the same period】Hema staff Teng Hao

This year's (2023) spring vegetable season focuses on eight ingredients such as knife fish, spring shoots, and cherry blossoms, and launched the "Biting Spring Eight Immortals" series. Unlike previous years, there are many pre-made spring vegetables on the refrigerated shelves this year, such as pickled tuk fresh, stir-fried bacon with spring shoots, toon seedlings mixed with walnuts, etc., which are actually loved by consumers after they are listed. Taking Beijing as an example, the sales of the entire spring vegetable and spring vegetable pre-made vegetable series have increased by nearly twofold.

【Commentary】Spring blossoms, and the popularity of flower appreciation is also rising. In Beijing's Yuyuantan Park, early cherry blossoms are already in full bloom, and the colorful scenery makes people linger, and many tourists use their cameras to freeze this beautiful spring scenery.

【During the same period】Wang Xiaoxue, senior researcher of Mafengwo Tourism Research Institute

In the past week (platform) the popularity of flower viewing has increased by 133%, and the cherry blossoms of Wuxi Yutouzhu, the rape blossoms of Wuyuan in Jiangxi, the peach blossoms of Nyingchi in Tibet, and the apricot blossoms in Ili in Xinjiang are still "hot" in this spring.

【During the same period】Tuniu Travel Network Public Relations Manager Zheng Nan

Since the beginning of spring, the rape flowers of Luoping and the peach blossoms of southeast Yunnan have also gradually entered the flowering period. According to recent booking data, Sanya, Dali, Lijiang, Xi'an, Xishuangbanna, Xiamen, Beihai, Harbin and Guangzhou are popular choices for domestic long-term tour users. The theme of flower appreciation has driven the consumption of accommodation, catering, camping, farming experience, travel photography and other expenses in and around the scenic spot.

【Commentary】The spring of 2023 is also the first spring after the new crown virus infection was adjusted to "Class B tube". Travel platform data shows that as the epidemic prevention and control enters a new stage, tourists' travel methods and popular destinations have also quietly changed.

【During the same period】Tuniu Travel Network Public Relations Manager Zheng Nan

First of all, in terms of travel duration and travel distance, last year (2022) spring, more than 2023% of the trips were local tours and short-distance trips in the surrounding areas, and this year (2022) spring long-term tours dominated the way, with about 2023%, and the surrounding tours fell back to <>%. Secondly, in terms of destinations, last spring (<>), most people chose local and peri-city parks, theme parks, campsites, museums, as well as suburban homestays and star hotels. In addition to various local travel methods, the popularity of some long-term spring blossom viewing routes has continued to increase, and people's travel demand and willingness to travel have further rebounded, which has also boosted the confidence of the cultural tourism consumer market.

【Commentary】This spring, "spring flower viewing", "spring camping" and "spring limited food" and other spring scene consumption patterns continue to be renovated, "spring economy" has become a relatively mature seasonal consumption behavior, but good products will not be limited to "seasonality". Changing the "spring limit" to "spring evergreen" may be the key to the continued prosperity of the "spring economy" in the future.

Reporter Lang Jiahui reported from Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]