Yinchuan, March 3 (Reporter Li Peishan) The reporter learned from the Ningxia Department of Education on the 22nd that in order to implement the "double reduction" policy and deeply carry out the management of infringement of the interests of the masses in the field of off-campus training, nine departments, including the Ningxia Department of Education, the Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Civil Affairs, the Department of Housing Construction, the Department of Culture and Tourism, the Department of Market Supervision, the Sports Bureau, and the Fire and Rescue Corps, jointly issued an announcement to list illegal training and issue ten "prohibitions" to consolidate and deepen the results of off-campus training governance.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out off-campus training for primary and secondary school students (including children aged 3 to 6) without obtaining a school operating permit, business license (or private non-enterprise legal person registration certificate).

It is strictly forbidden to carry out subject training in the compulsory education stage in the name of non-disciplines, or in residential buildings, hotels, apartments and other places in places such as "one-to-one", "one-to-many", "crowdfunding private teaching", "research", "housekeeping services" and education consultation, trusteeship, etc., or through online means such as video conferencing, apps, QQ groups, WeChat groups, etc.

It is strictly forbidden to violate the time regulations for off-campus education and training, occupy national statutory holidays, rest days, and winter and summer vacations, and carry out off-campus training in subjects in the compulsory education stage.

It is strictly forbidden to hire in-service teachers (including teaching and research personnel) in primary and secondary schools, foreigners abroad, unqualified persons and persons with criminal records to carry out off-campus training.

It is strictly forbidden to charge a one-time fee of more than 3 months or 60 class hours, and shall not exceed 5000,<> yuan, and shall not violate the government's guidance price charges, fictitious original prices, false discounts, etc. to engage in price fraud.

It is strictly forbidden to publish or broadcast off-campus education and training advertisements in mainstream media, public places, and all kinds of billboards and online platforms in residential areas, and must not publish enrollment brochures, advertisements or false publicity in violation of regulations, exaggerate the effect of training, and lure and mislead students and parents.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out off-campus education and training without implementing safety regulations on housing, fire protection, food, security and so on.

For off-campus training institutions that violate management provisions, the competent departments for off-campus education and training shall, in accordance with relevant provisions, carry out interviews, risk warnings, warnings, suspension of business for rectification, and revocation of licenses.

Departments such as for education, development and reform, and the People's Bank of China will include seriously untrustworthy off-campus education and training institutions, legally-designated representatives, actual controllers, and organizers of off-campus education and training that are carried out without a license or in violation of regulations, and implement credit punishments.

The public security organs are to give public security administrative punishments to the legal representatives and actual controllers of off-campus education and training institutions that constitute violations of public security administration, as well as organizers who illegally carry out off-campus education and training without a license or license; Where a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be pursued in accordance with law.

At the same time, the education department of Ningxia has also announced the telephone numbers of various places, actively accepted the supervision and reporting of the general public and all sectors of society, and called on all walks of life to jointly create a good environment for the whole society to care about the healthy growth of students. (End)