Shi Lu, a reporter of this newspaper

The new summer and autumn season is about to begin, and airports and airlines are starting to accelerate the resumption of overseas flights.

On March 3, Shanghai Airport officials said that on March 21, Hongqiao International Airport will resume international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan routes. Among them, 3 airlines, including China Eastern Airlines, JAL, Hong Kong Airlines and Air Macau, will operate in Terminal 26 of Hongqiao Airport.

Juneyao Airlines also recently announced that it will resume one scheduled passenger flight to Japan every day from March 3, with destinations involving Osaka and Tokyo. Among them, Shanghai Pudong to Osaka Kansai resumed 26 daily departures, Shanghai Pudong to Tokyo Narita 1 daily departure, Nanjing Lukou to Osaka Kansai 2 daily. From April 1, three weekly flights from Shanghai Pudong to Tokyo Haneda will resume.

Hongqiao International Airport

Overseas routes resumed operations

Hongqiao International Airport international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan routes will resume operations, and the Hongqiao International Terminal (T1), which has been suspended for a while, will gradually resume its previous busyness.

According to the briefing on transportation production disclosed by Shanghai Airport, the take-off and landing volume, passenger throughput and mail throughput of overseas routes of Hongqiao International Airport in January and February were all zero. In contrast, Pudong Airport's overseas routes have been operating normally. In February this year, Pudong Airport took off and landed 1,2 aircraft on overseas routes, with a passenger throughput of 2,6806 person-times, a year-on-year increase of 55%. Among them, the passenger throughput of international routes reached 19,222, a year-on-year increase of 28.92%. The passenger throughput of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan routes was 418,28, a year-on-year increase of 26.27%.

Affected by the epidemic and other factors, Shanghai Airport has suffered losses for three consecutive years, with a loss of 2020.12 billion yuan in 67 and 2021.17 billion yuan in 11, and the company expects a loss of 2022.29 billion yuan to 90.28 billion yuan in 40.

Zheshang Securities expects that by the end of 2023, international passenger traffic at Shanghai Airport will fully recover. As China's largest international hub, the development of top traffic at Shanghai Airport is just beginning. "Airport + Duty Free" is just the first step for Shanghai Airport in 2023, and the acquisition comes at an opportune time. At Shanghai Airport in 2023, there is still a lot of room for imagination, such as the possibility of adjusting tax-free contracts.

Guohai Securities traffic industry analyst License said in the research report that the domestic timetable for the summer and autumn season of 2023 has been announced. Affected by factors such as the "2023 Summer and Autumn Season Flight Schedule Allocation Policy" stipulating that airports across the country will not add new passenger flight schedules in principle, and some domestic times are turning back to international routes, the total number of passenger slots in the domestic summer and autumn season decreased slightly by 0.56% year-on-year, but increased by 2019.28% compared with 22, and the compound growth rate reached 2019.2022% between 8 and 84.

Travel demand recovered further

Increased traffic of listed airlines

The increase in supply at airports coincides with the speed of recovery of international routes.

According to the latest data released by the Civil Aviation Administration, in February this year, the civil aviation transport market continued to recover, and the total transportation turnover of the whole industry was 2.79 billion tonne-kilometers, an increase of 3.28% year-on-year, an increase of 6.1 percentage points from January. In February, the monthly scale of the civil aviation passenger transport market exceeded 12 million person-times, and the industry-wide passenger transportation volume reached 7.2 million.

Among them, the international passenger transport market continued to recover, exceeding 70,77 person-times in a single month, continuing to show a trend of "volume increase and price reduction" month-on-month. The regular load factor of flights was 6.2021%, the highest value since August 8, an increase of 4.1 percentage points month-on-month.

According to the operating data released by airlines for February, passenger traffic continues to increase as domestic and overseas travel demand recovers further. Among them, Juneyao Air's passenger traffic has exceeded the same period in 2. From the perspective of airlines, the passenger traffic of the three major airlines has recovered to about 2019% to 2019% of the same period in <>.

Juneyao Airlines insiders told the "Securities Daily" reporter: "The company's new flight season is mainly to resume flights to Japan. After that, depending on the situation, we will continue to add and resume other routes. At present, the price of air tickets has decreased compared to before, and the sales price will continue to be optimized according to market demand in the future. ”

In addition, China Southern plans to resume Harbin-Tokyo and Harbin-Osaka routes after the start of the summer and autumn season on March 3. An insider of China Eastern Airlines told the "Securities Daily" reporter that by March 26, when the season changes, the corresponding overseas route plan will be released. (Securities Daily)