Entering 2023, inflation in some countries remains high, local food prices have risen sharply, and canned food exported by China is hot in many overseas countries, and the export volume continues to grow.

Sun Baiyu, a staff member at a food trading company in Shenzhen, rushed to the customs window early in the morning. Because before the cargo ship leaves at 6 p.m., they must expedite customs clearance procedures, so that this whole container of canned corn and bamboo shoots can be shipped out in time.

Canning companies are also busy, with Li Zhongbin's company producing canned vegetables since 2004. Since July and August last year, the market situation has improved significantly, and the shipments of mushrooms and seafood produced by enterprises have increased significantly.

Due to the decline in international production of tomatoes, canned tomatoes have become a popular food item for export at present. After the food manufacturer in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, launched its first canned tomato late last year, many traders came to negotiate and sell their products overseas.

Statistics from the China Canning Industry Association show that in 2022, China's canned food exports reached 312.5 million tons, with an export value of 68.9 billion US dollars (about 474.12 billion yuan), an increase of 22% and <>% year-on-year, respectively. The export volume and export value both hit new highs in recent years.

Export categories are more wider, and the scope is wider Canning manufacturers expand production and ensure delivery

Canned food has always been one of the most important exports of China's food industry. The recent sharp increase in foreign trade exports has had an impact on China's canned food manufacturers?

The reporter saw in a food production enterprise in Guangdong that boxes of canned food that had been packed were waiting to be shipped out of the warehouse, and after the customs inspection was completed, they would be transported to the port and exported overseas.

An enterprise in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, mainly produces ready-to-eat canned food, and with the characteristics of easy preservation and portability, the export of such canned food has increased significantly in recent years.

In Zhou Jie's enterprise, several new production lines have just landed, and the factories are basically in full production during the order season. At another canning manufacturer in Guangdong, the company is expanding production in order to ensure order delivery.

Customs statistics show that at present, Asia, Europe, Africa and North America are the largest export destinations of canned food in China. From the perspective of categories, canned vegetables and fruits account for the largest share of exports, while the export volume of canned ready-to-eat and canned mushrooms has increased significantly in the past two years. The industry believes that with the continuous growth of overseas demand and the acceleration of the expansion of Chinese enterprises, the export categories and total amount of canned products are expected to continue to increase. (CCTV News Client)