Noa Moussa 08:40, March 21, 2023

The anti-inflation quarter was launched last week in retail. A government initiative to limit prices on selected food products. If each brand decides on its own discounts, they must all affix a logo on the items concerned. And on this point, everything is not yet ready.

A week after the launch of the anti-inflation quarter in supermarkets, which aims to make the various anti-inflation baskets of retailers more readable, very few businesses are playing the game. Monoprix, Cora and Franprix have not implemented the logo on their shelves. Intermarché and Casino started in a few stores. Carrefour says signage is present in hypermarkets but not yet in supermarkets.

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"It doesn't happen by snapping your fingers"

Bercy has assured that all distributors have received the sticker, it is clear that the readability operation is so far very discreet. For retail expert Rodolphe Bonnasse, it is primarily the logistics that explain this delay in ignition. "The button, we have to print it, label it, put it in place. So it's complicated, it's a lot of logistics so the implementation of a commercial operation is not done by snapping your fingers, "he says at the microphone of Europe 1.

"Triggering a device, which was negotiated with the government a week ago, to put it in place ten days later, it is true that it is a little short."

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Another three weeks before seeing the macaroon appear in major retailers

Another difficulty is that stocks must be completely exhausted before new products featuring the anti-inflation quarter badge appear on the shelves.

"These are exactly the same operations that we have on the so-called "football world cup" products. We see them coming at the time of the World Cup and then at times, after the World Cup, we continue to sell them. What for? Because we haven't sold enough and we're selling the stock, it's the same thing," he continues. According to experts, it will take another three weeks to see the macaroon in all major brands.