The movement to incorporate gender-neutral "gender-free" clothing floors is beginning to spread among long-established department stores.

Traditionally, department stores have divided floors by gender, such as women's clothing and men's clothing, but Matsuya Ginza in Tokyo has created a new gender-free clothing section this month.

Each clothing item is lined up on the same floor, and there are also products with gender-neutral designs.

We want couples and families to enjoy shopping together.

Mari Kimura, manager in charge of products, said, "Consumption trends and values are changing, so we would like to further expand these sales floors while monitoring the situation."

On the other hand, "Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store" is a website service that rents clothing for a fixed monthly fee, and from this month it proposes new ways of wearing, such as posting dresses on a page for men.

We have about 4300,<> items of gender-neutral clothing.

The gender-free movement has begun to spread among long-established department stores.

It is likely to further support our understanding of diversity.