Shenzhen Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Shenshan Cooperation Zone") reported the cancellation of purchase restrictions.

  On March 10, it was reported on the Internet that the Shenshan Housing and Construction Bureau recently issued the "Notice on Actively Supporting Rigid and Improved Housing Demand", which involves the adjustment of the purchase restriction and sales restriction policies of the Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone.

  The adjustments are mainly in three aspects: one is to loosen purchase restrictions and suspend the implementation of restrictions on the purchase of commercial housing for natural persons, that is, no need to provide housing certificates; the other is to optimize the management of commercial housing transfers, that is, the transfer is prohibited within 2 years from the date of obtaining the real estate certificate; The third is to implement a priority purchase system. Commodity housing less than 120 square meters is still given priority to sales to residents with household registration in the Shenshan jurisdiction, and the second batch of sales is released to customers in other regions; there are no restrictions on the qualifications for large-scale purchases.

House buyers or their families who already have commercial housing in the Shenshan jurisdiction are no longer eligible for priority purchase.

  A real estate salesperson in the Shenshan Cooperation Zone told the first financial reporter that in the last two days, real estate notices have temporarily released purchase restrictions, but the relevant documents have not yet been issued.

Customers who did not have the qualifications to buy a house before can now buy it when they come to the sales office.

  At the same time, another local intermediary in Shenshan told the first financial reporter that the previous purchase restriction policy in the Shenshan Cooperation Zone was to limit the purchase of one set for singles and two sets for families.

Since the last few days, some real estate projects have begun to release purchase restrictions. Although no documents have been issued yet, many real estate projects have already released news.

  In addition, many media have gone to the Housing Construction and Water Affairs Bureau of Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperative for verification, and have received relevant and definite replies, confirming the news of the release of restrictions on purchases and sales, and relevant policies may be introduced in the near future.

  Regarding the policy adjustment trend, Li Yujia, chief researcher of the Guangdong Provincial Housing Policy Research Center, believes that the signal to encourage people to invest in Shenshan for a long time is obvious, but the logic of buying houses and investing based on good planning and industry-city development blueprints in the past may not be so obvious in the future up.

It has become the logic of the past to stimulate the property market by planning and activate the capital side.

Now, there are too many new districts similar to Shenshan. Whether Shenzhen’s golden signboard can be effective in Shenshan and let everyone recognize and pay for it depends on whether Shenshan’s plan can be implemented, and it will take a long time to realize it.

But in any case, after the policy is loosened and withdrawn, the purchase demand will inevitably be activated, although the volume is not so large.

  Will this kind of situation extend to other districts in Shenzhen?

Li Yujia believes that at least at the moment, it is impossible to let go.

Of course, if the sales volume in Shenzhen is still running at a low level, it is not ruled out that peripheral areas such as Pingshan and Guangming will be released in the future, but the adjustments are also gradual, such as the adjustment of the time for entering a household to buy a house, the adjustment of the social insurance period, and the adjustment of the sales restriction period. wait.

  At the same time, Hua Hong, secretary-general of the Shenzhen Real Estate Intermediary Association, believes that the impact on the Shenzhen property market is also limited.

After all, as a new district, the Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone is objectively separated from the urban area of ​​Shenzhen by its overall supply and demand situation, urban planning, and population introduction. The real estate market in Shanwei and Huidong can be seen as a whole.

Of course, in terms of policy adjustments, this sign is a positive transmission for the market, which will make the market expect whether other regions in Shenzhen will follow up and adjust.

  Regarding the reason for the adjustment, Hua Hong told the first financial reporter that the adjustment of the property market policy in the Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone is also out of consideration for the removal of real estate and the introduction of population.

  In terms of new population, according to the "Shenzhen Statistical Yearbook 2022", the number of permanent residents at the end of the five consecutive years from 2017 to 2021 was 66,400, 65,500, 64,700, 65,700, and 66,800. Numbers are growing slowly.

  In terms of the new housing market, according to the data provided by the E-House Research Institute, the number of newly-built commercial housing transactions in the Shenshan Cooperation Zone will be 1,505 in 2022, which is half of the 3,030 units in 2021, which fully shows that the market is under great pressure.

On March 10, a reporter from China Business News inquired on the Anjuke platform and learned that there are currently 6 properties in the Shenshan Cooperation Zone for sale and 2 properties for sale.

  At the same time, in terms of residential land bidding, auction and listing, the Shenshan Cooperation Zone will rank sixth among the 11 districts in Shenzhen for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022. It is one of the important areas for public land supply in Shenzhen.

  "Previously, purchases were restricted, including business apartments, and two sets of households were restricted, and the transfer was prohibited within 3 years from the date of obtaining the real estate title certificate. In addition, the market went down, the sales of new houses fell, and the projects that had been developed on a large scale in the early stage were unsalable." Li Yujia He added, "It is simply impossible for locals to digest such a large volume of commercial housing, so it must be digested by foreign population."