The Metropolitan Police Department charged three people, including a former manager of the company and a former executive of a subcontractor, with suspicion of fraud, alleging that they inflated the outsourcing costs related to the maintenance of Rakuten Mobile's mobile phone base stations and defrauded the company of approximately 2.5 billion yen. Arrested.

The suspects arrested were Yuki Sato (46), the former director of logistics management at Rakuten Mobile, Kazunari Mitsuhashi (53), former managing director of Japan Logistics, a logistics company to which the business is outsourced, and TRAIL, a subcontractor transportation company. The president, Osamu Hamanaka (49), is three people.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, former director Sato and others inflated the cost of storing and transporting materials related to the maintenance of mobile phone base stations, which Rakuten Mobile entrusted to Japan Logistics, by about 920 million yen. Around the same time, it was suspected of fraud by defrauding Rakuten Mobile of about 2.5 billion yen, including the inflated amount.

It is said that part of the inflated money flowed to the former director's side from "TRAIL", which was subcontracted.

It was revealed by Rakuten Mobile's internal investigation, and the Metropolitan Police Department was investigating after receiving a criminal complaint from the company.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating in detail, assuming that former managers and others have defrauded the company from the same method for about three years.

Police have not released the identity of the three.