The first vice president of the Government,

Nadia Calviño

, assures that "this week" she has received messages of "concern" from businessmen in case there is a change of government in Spain, given "the trust" they have in Pedro Sánchez's


In statements to Onda Cero, the vice president has stated that in recent days, businessmen with whom she has spoken have conveyed this to her:

"We hope that there will be no change of government because we are really investing in Spain with great confidence in this government


"Companies are doing very well with this government," he added, alluding to the unprecedented protection that it provided them in the pandemic and "to the investment-friendly economic policy" that, in his opinion, Pedro Sánchez



Asked about the names of these businessmen who stand out from the current public messages from leaders of the Ibex or CEOE, Calviño has assured that he did not want to say it "publicly", but that he would comment on it later to the participants in the program directed by

Carlos Alsina

"off the record".

However, sources consulted say that the vice president has left the station without giving further details.

Calviño did reiterate in the interview that he considers Ferrovial's decision to move its headquarters to the Netherlands "wrong" and has disgraced "the shareholder family", alluding to the president, Rafael del Pino, his "gesture of lack of


to Spain".

He has stressed that it is a company that has won large public contracts "since the Franco regime" and has criticized the argument that the Spanish market "is too small for it".

However, he has revealed that he is going to "analyze" the arguments used by Ferrovial, in case they "have substance".

He has expressly alluded to what EL MUNDO publishes today that the trigger for the exit is the legal impossibility of Ferrovial being able to list on the US Stock Exchange while maintaining its headquarters in Spain, something that is possible if it is in Amsterdam.

Calviño has affirmed that both his Ministry and the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) are evaluating this message from Ferrovial.


For her part, the second vice president,

Yolanda Díaz

, has stated on Cadena Ser, has expressed her "absolute disagreement" with the change of venue and has stressed that Ferrovial received protection from the ERTE in the pandemic.

"We have saved them with public money"

, she has claimed.

"I urge Ferrovial to maintain employment and investments

," she declared, despite the fact that Del Pino already conveyed that commitment to her the day before.

The leader of Sumar has encouraged Calviño "to legislate" to avoid these marches and has asked Del Pino to "rethink" the decision.

As for the Minister of Inclusion,

José Luis Escrivá,

he has attributed the decision of the construction company leadership to "greed".

"What a bad advisor greed is sometimes"

, he has stated on TVE.

Escrivá has evoked the financial crisis of two decades ago that led many entities to assume risk "out of greed, for having bigger bonuses, bigger benefits, and that was short-termism, because it led them to negative results."

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