The Paper reporter Chen Yueshi

  The entry "#女客50,000 is required to provide proof of income#" has become a trending search recently, which has aroused the attention of netizens on the deposit and withdrawal policies of bank counters.

  On January 31, a woman from Huzhou, Zhejiang released a video saying that when she went to the bank to deposit 50,000 yuan, she was asked to provide proof of income, etc., which made her feel like she was "interrogating a prisoner", which made her very uncomfortable. After taking 100 yuan and depositing 49,900 yuan , it will be done in a few minutes.

  It is worth noting that there are no relevant regulatory requirements requiring depositors to provide proof of income when depositing 50,000 yuan.

At present, when handling a single cash deposit of more than 50,000 yuan (inclusive) in RMB at the bank counter, it is necessary to check the valid ID card of the account owner and keep the electronic image of the valid ID card.

Under normal circumstances, financial institutions will handle it directly after simply inquiring about the source of funds.

  "The starting point for large-amount authorization of the bank is RMB 50,000. The staff need to verbally inquire about the source of the cash and enter it into the system, but there is certainly no requirement for the user to provide proof of materials. Only when there are reasonable grounds to believe that they may be involved in activities such as money laundering According to the regulations, we will learn more about the situation." A related person from a large state-owned bank explained that in recent years, the field of anti-money laundering, especially failure to perform customer identification obligations in accordance with regulations, has been the hardest hit area for banks to be fined, and banks have also increased their attention. degree.

  In Zhejiang, where the video girl is located, it is one of the three large cash management pilot areas.

The starting point of large cash management amount in Zhejiang Province is RMB 500,000 for unit accounts and RMB 300,000 for personal accounts. That is to say, when units and individuals handle withdrawals above the threshold amount in banking institutions in Zhejiang Province, they need to advance at least 1 day in principle. It can only be handled by making an appointment, and it is necessary to register when handling the business.

  As for the "Administrative Measures for Customer Due Diligence of Financial Institutions and the Preservation of Customer Identity Information and Transaction Records", which has been suspended due to technical reasons, the reporter learned from The Paper that it has not yet been implemented.

  In January 2022, in order to further improve the anti-money laundering supervision system and improve the level of anti-money laundering work, the "One Bank and Two Sessions" jointly issued the "Administrative Measures for Customer Due Diligence of Financial Institutions and Preservation of Customer Identity Information and Transaction Records". Article 10 stipulates that commercial Banks, rural cooperative banks, rural credit cooperatives, village banks and other financial institutions that handle cash deposits and withdrawals of more than 50,000 yuan in RMB or more than US$10,000 in foreign currency equivalents for natural person customers shall identify and verify the identity of the customer, understand and register The source or use of funds.

On February 21, 2022, the central bank issued an announcement stating that the implementation of the above-mentioned "Measures", which was originally scheduled to come into effect on March 1, 2022, was suspended due to technical reasons.