This is stated on the website of the Russian department.

“Any administrative measures by the United States and its allies in the G7 to isolate or create barriers for the state-producer/exporter of the resource in demand (be it hydrocarbons or rare earth metals) only complicate the joint search for solutions to global problems,” the Foreign Ministry noted.

It is clarified that in this context, the strategic course of Russia in the previous decades to diversify energy exports, develop new international niches and areas has proved its unconditional viability.

“The response measures we have taken in connection with the sanctions pressure of the collective West are of a measured nature, minimizing the costs for our country and the world community.

At the same time, the boycott of Russian energy carriers under pressure from the United States and contrary to its own economic interests has already led to the undermining of the energy security of the EU, and has returned the threat of energy poverty to the agenda of this association,” the ministry stressed. 

Earlier, Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia Nikita Danyuk called the EU energy policy "a shot in the foot."