, February 7th. According to news from the official account of the "China Internet Audiovisual Program Service Association" on the 7th, recently, the "matryoshka" charging phenomenon of smart TVs has interfered with the Internet TV industry's communication order, causing public dissatisfaction and public opinion. focus on.

  To this end, the Internet TV Working Committee of the China Internet Audio-Visual Program Service Association, together with Future TV Co., Ltd., Galaxy Internet TV Co., Ltd., Guodongfang Network (Beijing) Co., Ltd., BesTV Network TV Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Wasu Media Network Co., Ltd. , Guangdong Nanfang New Media Co., Ltd., Hunan Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd. and other Internet TV integrated operating organizations have put forward proposals for standardizing the development of Internet audio-visual program services.

  The initiative proposes to standardize content and service charges, establish and improve a scientific, open, transparent, and honest fee disclosure system, disclose charging items, charging standards, and charging methods in accordance with laws and regulations, fully protect consumers' right to know and right to choose, and put an end to "tricks". Baby fees" and "routine fees", unimpeded channels for complaints, consultation and dispute resolution, and optimized user experience.

(China New Finance and Economics)